Psychic Had Vision of Serial Killer Victim

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When Melissa Barthelemy went missing over nine months ago, her parents and police were baffled and concerned.  And when foul play was suspected, the family looking for answers sought help from a psychic.  The vision that same psychic had of where Melissa would be found was shocking and, as it turns out, disturbingly accurate.

The psychic had made a prediction based on a vision of a body buried in a shallow grave near a body of water and the letter G prominently displayed on a sign.  The shallow grave, the body, and the sign were all discovered some nine months afterward.  When the skeleton was tested for DNA, the family’s worst fears were soon realized.  Melissa had been a victim of what is now suspected to be a serial killer stalking the streets near Manhattan.

The psychic had reportedly given details about the surroundings of the body, but had not received a specific point where police should search.  The vision itself did not lead to the discovery of the mass grave where Melissa was discovered, but rather simply informed the family of the area around the final resting place.  Also found nearby were Maureen Brainard-Barnes, Megan Waterman, and Amber Lynn Costello.  All were believed to be targeted by the killer whose identity is still unknown.

Melissa’s mother, who at first was skeptical of using the psychic to help them, however, has still not changed her mind.  A quote from an article by Buffalo News has her stating, “I personally don’t believe in psychics.”  The present tense suggests there is a great deal of hesitation that still remains to this day about the phenomenon.

When it comes to psychic predictions and other visions of an extrasensory nature, you could certainly do better than simply stating that a body of water will be nearby along with the letter G, but the fact that she specifically stated that it would be a grave – and a shallow one at that has some speculating there may be more to this story than a bit of luck.  As grim as it is, all too often victims of serial killers are hidden away in a variety of places as the killers move desperately to get themselves as far away from incriminating evidence as possible.

As the Manhattan area still fears that  the killer may still be roaming around and the stakes are getting higher, a family is torn by grief and demanding justice.  If the unnamed psychic, whose identity remains for the moment as a “friend of a friend” is able to uncover the truth of this killer’s identity, perhaps the next prediction will prove helpful to police and possibly the next victim he has his sights on.  In the mean time the family is still haunted by a series of terrifying phone calls they received from an unknown source shortly after Melissa disappeared.  It’s still unknown if the calls were themselves made by the killer.