Psychic Predicts Her Way to Lottery Win

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If a psychic came up to you and said she expected to win the lottery shortly, it might be tempting to look at it as nothing more than wishful thinking.  But if that psychic then turned around and won a million pounds under the exact circumstances she outlined, it might be worth a second look – and a bit of soul searching for your own psychic powers.  Ocean Kinge, the 45 year old psychic who turned a prediction into a windfall is the latest of the psychics who has used her abilities to bring her great success.  And she’s brought a few friends along with her to share the wealth.

Ocean explained to friends that she suddenly out of the blue felt the impulse to gather friends up and build a lottery syndicate, saying her time was fast approaching where she would finally reap the millions she had waited so long for.  And when her friends jumped on board, they each walked away from the experience with 66,666.66 in British pounds.  By no means a small gain.

It’s not unheard of for someone to win big using their psychic talents.  In fact, many professional psychics have over the years credited big wins for their abilities.  Still others, such as Joan Ginther have won multiple times without announcing the cause of their incredible luck.  And if not led by luck then some say these jackpot winners have their own psychic powers or some sort of divine providence to thank.  Ginther has won four major lottery jackpots four times now totaling over $20.4 million.

Are these individuals simply born under a lucky star?  Or do they somehow truly know when something is about to change in their lives?  Often people ask psychics if they can provide winning lottery numbers, to which many reply simply, “It doesn’t work that way.”  But according to psychics like Kinge, though it might not work quite that way, it almost does.  With any luck the future will be quite bright for all those involved in this reportedly foretold fortune.

Many lottery winners, when telling of their experiences say how that day they were “feeling” lucky.  Would not the feeling of unexplainable fortune be a sort of psychic influence?  Is it possible these psychics were tapping into something more than just the luck they were given?  And if so, how would we go about proving it?  Luck is and always has been a tricky subject to scientists.  And yet when someone like Ginther wins the lottery four times it’s hard to imagine a conventional explanation.  And when a psychic announces they expect to be winning the lottery soon only to turn around and have that big win themselves, it seems to fly in the face of conventional explanation.

Of course still others have to make their own luck.  Rather than investing their money in lottery tickets, they invest their time and energy in intelligent investments and opportunities.  Whether you find your fortune by careful planning and diligent cost benefit analysis or the luck of the draw, however, the story doesn’t just end there.  Kinge, like so many others will continue to act in the world and be herself, an unexplainable psychic mystery.