Psychic Study Reveals Hard Evidence of Powers

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Psychic powers are something everyone is interested in.  And if you have them or not, chances are you likely have a strong opinion on the matter.  But one researcher at Cornell University is attempting to take the phenomenon of psychic prediction from the realm of opinion into the realm of well established and widely accepted scientific fact.  With the research of Dr. Bem we may soon have a far more comprehensive understanding of what psychic powers are and what they mean to us.

The research has abandoned the anecdotal approach and is fully embracing experiments that hope to quantify what has for years been thought to be a metaphysical process and put it into the mainstream of science where it can be better understood and -in time- improved upon.  Will we soon live in a world where psychics can be measured accurately?

One of the experiments performed by Dr. Bem and his colleagues is simple enough on paper, but may actually hold evidence of a process each of us may perform millions of times every day depending on our individual psychic results.  He had students attempt to predict a number and then upon learning the number write it down repeatedly on paper.  The results were astounding.  Those who were repeatedly writing the number down after they were revealed the answer showed a significantly higher aptitude for guessing the correct number.  It sounds a little strange because of the way we experience time.  If something is destined to happen, doesn’t it create a paradox if knowledge of it appears before?  The study, performed earlier this year, may be the first actual concrete proof of psychic prediction of future events that can be reproduced with reliable results each time.

But it also goes against another theory quantum physicists have been suggesting.  According to quantum physicist Michio Kaku, there is evidence of parallel realities interacting with our own whereby each possible action taken results in a parallel timeline.  And in doing so, time is not necessarily linear but rather more of a sticky web.  Essentially it’s like a train track with the conductor passing an intersection and going forward.  But in an alternate reality, the train conductor decides to go to the right.  The conductor essentially does both.

But is this theory of time actually conflicting with the future?  Or are the subjects actually receiving guidance from another source?  There is, after all according to the parallel reality theory a universe where a coin flip has always since the dawn of time resulted in the coin turning up heads.  And any possibility for a test subject to refuse to write down the numbers afterward seems to suggest the subject would receive conflicting “premonitions” about the future.

But what if psychic impulses traveled more easily through the more closely related parallel realities than they did through distant ones?  Is it possible both theories could be equally valid?  That, it seems, would require more than a psychic to predict with any hope of accuracy.