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Re: Time Questions

Jerry Wayne Decker ( [email protected] )
Sun, 2 Apr 2000 07:26:41 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Warren et al!

Good point on the spin direction though not sure how
it influences time unless you buy that ‘time is an
arrow’ analogy.

Warren writes;
> This brings me to an interesting point. A friend
> Charlotte Geier gave a great example to me about
> the difference between Spin UP and Spin Down
> particles tonight and it wasn’t even my birthday.
> It all is really relative. There is no Spin UP &
> Down. It is the time frame view on the quantum level

> you are viewing the particle from.

Yes, I’ve used a similar analogy on determining which
way magnetic fields (and spirals in general) are
moving from the perspective of the Bloch Wall. It is
based on Walter Russells’ explanation of perspective
where he shows that all rotation is moving in one
direction, it is simply a matter of where you are
viewing from.

Illustrated by drawing one continuous spiral from the
outside, spiralling in to a center and then continuing
to move in the same direction but spiralling back out
again. The spin direction depends on where you are
viewing the spiral FROM that determines how you
classify the rotation.

Springs make it easy to visualize.

If you are looking at the whole of the earth from out
in space and could see the magnetic fields, you would
see the North and South pole energies spiralling
inward like two tornados with their points touching at
the equator (the Bloch Wall).

If you are out in space looking down onto the North
pole you see a CW spiral (flowing IN).

If you move to the inside of the earth and look
towards the North pole, you see a CCW spiral.

If, standing inside the earth at the equator you turn
around a look at the South pole, you find the spiral
is CW.

Now move into space looking down onto the South pole
and you see the spiral is CCW (flowing OUT).

The trick I believe is to center yourself in the
middle at an equator, the Block Wall (where the 180
degree flip occurs…possibly the ‘other dimension’
referenced in other emails on this list) to determine
the true flow and polarity.

Apparently this magnetic spin is due to the Coriolis
force though most of the standard magnetic field line
drawings I have seen show them with no spin. More on
the Coriolis force at;


The Coriolis effect is most apparent in the path of an
object moving longitudinally.

On the Earth an object that moves along a north-south
path, or longitudinal line, will undergo apparent
deflection to the right in the Northern Hemisphere and
to the left in the Southern Hemisphere.

….if a cannon were fired northward from a point on
the Equator, the projectile would land to the east of
its due north path.

This variation would occur because the projectile was
moving eastward faster at the Equator than was its
target farther north.

Similarly, if the weapon were fired toward the Equator
from the North Pole, the projectile would again land
to the right of its true path. (the proposed CW spiral
pushing biasing toward the East)

In this case, the target area would have moved
eastward before the shell reached it because of its
greater eastward velocity.
> Example: Take a Diet Coke can (make sure it is
> caffeine free) and have a friend stand in front of
> you. Now hold the can horizontal to the ground
> and turn it on the long axis to your right (clock
> wise direction). Let the clockwise direction
> represent Spin Up. Now your friend should see the
> can rotating in the counter clockwise direction or
> to their left. Let the counter clockwise direction
> represent Spin Down. You see it is all relative.
> The can is only rotating in one direct but it’s
> spin state is dependent upon the observers reference

> point. Relativity doctor Watson! (Quantum Time)
> Isn’t that interesting!
Warren writes:
> Are you talking about “The Black Hole Antenna”
> by John F. Sutton, Code 728, Goddard Space Flight
> Center, NASA, Greenbelt, Md. 20771 and Crig Spaniol,

> Community College Division, West Virginia State
> College Institute, West Virginia, 25112.

No, the hyper light antenna as posted at (rats,
escribe is offline!!!), well here is the file;

Bert Pool sent in this new patent on a new hyper-light
speed antenna and Bert noted the comment about
accelerating plant growth;


A method to transmit and receive electromagnetic waves
which comprises generating opposing magnetic fields
having a plane of maximum force running perpendicular
to a longitudinal axis of the magnetic field;
generating a heat source along an axis parallel to the
longitudinal axis of the magnetic field; generating an
accelerator parallel to and in close proximity to the
heat source, thereby creating an input and output
port; and generating a communications signal into the
input and output port, thereby sending the signal at a
speed faster than light.

All known radio transmissions use known models of time
and space dimensions for sending the RF signal.

The present invention has discovered the apparent
existence of a new dimension capable of acting as a
medium for RE signals.

Initial benefits of penetrating this new dimension
include sending RF signals faster than the speed of
light, extending the effective distance of RF
transmitters at the same power radiated, penetrating
known RF shielding devices, and ACCLERATING PLANT
GROWTH exposed to the by-product energy of the RF
Two things come to mind with this spin business and
how it interacts with gravity;


CCW spinning gyroscopes…amounting to a loss in
weight of just one part in 7,000…

After spinning up the gyroscope to 18,000 revolutions
per minute, it is put inside an airtight container and
allowed to fall between two laser beams. These record
how long the gyroscope takes to fall nearly 6ft
between the two beams. Any reduction in the strength
of gravity reveals itself in a slight increase in the
time it takes to fall the 6ft.

And in a curious twist, the anti-gravity ONLY APPEARED
when the gyroscope was spinning anticlockwise (CCW).

The team members claim that both this, and the size of
the effect, are in line with earlier findings
published by them in 1989.

A less believable but still interesting observation
**** Note the trace landing case where Billy Meier
**** asked his aledged UFO contact why grass
**** to grow in a CCW spiralling pattern long after
**** a UFO landing…the response was along the lines
**** of ‘it is due to the South Pole CCW field of
**** our ship which provides lift and thrust’. The
**** cells of the grass are reprogrammed and ‘ring’
**** with the new CCW pattern causing the spiral,
**** over time, the field dissipates, allowing the
**** natural field of the earth (vertical currents)
**** to resume so the plants again grow straight.
**** And the comment by Alexandra David Neal about
**** the ‘old’ lung gom pa, who had to wear chains
**** around their neck to keep them from floating
**** off into space…a result of a lifetime of
**** practicing lung-gom-pa weight reduction to allow
**** jumping over the countryside. She does not
**** indicate if their bodies ever resume normal
**** weight even over time.

And Don Kelly’s gravity drop experiments showing how a
moebius, especially when energized will slow the fall
to a measurable degree.

The point being there does seem to be a spin
relationship to gravity and thus a link to time.
Also, as pointed out in an email, I made an egregious
..when I said Mars was larger than Earth,
haven’t been there in awhile (but planning to go home
one day) so should have looked it up but in truth,
Mars is smaller than earth as at;


Distance Radius Mass
Planet (000 km) (km) (kg) Discoverer
——— ——— —— ——- ———-
Mercury 57,910 2439 3.30e23
Venus 108,200 6052 4.87e24
Earth 149,600 6378 5.98e24
Mars 227,940 3397 6.42e23
Jupiter 778,330 71492 1.90e27
Saturn 1,426,940 60268 5.69e26
Uranus 2,870,990 25559 8.69e25 Herschel
Neptune 4,497,070 24764 1.02e26 Galle
Pluto 5,913,520 1160 1.31e22 Tombaugh