Recent Meteor Events Rocking Earth!

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Recent Meteor Events Rocking Earth!

Another Meteor story made it into News Sites web-wide.  This time, A Meteor the size of a HOUSE hooked into the atmosphere, and crashed to Earth.  Several Australian witnesses report identical stories about the HUGE Meteor than exploded upon impact.  But like many unexplainable stories, the Hard Evidence of this Meteor is still to be found. 

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It seems in the last 2 months, the sky has been crumbling and falling to Earth.  But to Scientists eyes, the sky isn’t crumbling, This is the work of Meteors!  We here at Unexplainable.net have noticed and read many reports of Meteors in the Recent weeks and months.

Right at this date and time, meteors will be available to view.

June Lyrids meteor shower which will be visible from the 10th-21st June, peaking on the 15th. Unfortunately, the June Lyrids are not the most spectacular you will see this year and have been dissapointing in the past. But you can expect to see around 8 meteors per hour at its peak.”

June 3rd 2004, There was a Meteor traveling at Mach1 (breaking the sound barrier) that entered Earths Atmosphere causing a Loud Sonic Boom.  The Meteor was believed to be the size of a large suitcase.  Parking lot cameras caught a bright flare that brightened the entire surroundings.  This was a Big Story reported by all the Big Trustworthy News Networks.  KATU Reports the following: http://www.katu.com/news/story.asp?ID=67899

June 12 a New Zealand home was bombarded with a Meteor.  A Molten Hot Meteor Rock came crashing through the Auckland family’s roof, and landed comfortable on the living room couch.  The family feels lucky that no-one was sitting there at the time. image1***Although the family has a hole in the roof, and a damaged couch,  they also have a precious space rock that has never touched Earth before.  News Papers and scientists say, There will be a boatload of scientists and groups offering cold cash for the fine interplanetary specimen. 

Now reports confirm there is a rare meteor shower that might happen this June.  I don’t know what these meteor impaling showers are all about.  But lets get our nets ready and try to catch ourselves a piece of space. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=96&ncid=753&e=10&u=/space/20040618/sc_space/surprisemeteorshowerpossibleinjune

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