Reincarnation Evidences

Reincarnation is the belief that after your death you can enter in a new life on Earth as a human or an animal. It also means that before, you probably lived on Earth but you forgot it. Some people say that they are able to see their past life in their dreams. Also, some people are able to guess other people’s past life. Edgar Cayce, an American medium who healed many people by the mean of hypnosis could know the past life of his patients while he was in an hypnosis state. He also stated that, in one of his past life, he was an Atlantean priest who conduct Atlanteans in their new home: Egypt. Reincarnation seems a good way to explain the immortality of our heart. If life and death really work in this fashion, there need to be an explanation. Here, we will look at the evidence which make hard to believe that reincarnations don’t happen. Indeed, several facts tend to make us believe that reincarnation is a natural thing.

All over the world, people are saying that they know their past life and describe it with lots of precision. Sometimes we aren’t able to check the veracity of their allegation. We shouldn’t take their allegation in account for our evidences. But it exists people who are describing their past life as 40 years before. It makes their story able to check. Also, there are many children whose first words is about their past life. One of these children, at the age of six told his parents that he is the reincarnation of another boy who died while riding a bicycle. He said lots of precision about the boy and an investigation verified all the facts. He even guessed his father’s name. Furthermore, the investigation compared the handwriting of the two boys and saw that there were the same (handwriting is known to be person specific as fingerprint is)!

Dr. Ian Stevenson, head of the Department of Psychiatric Medicine at the University of Virginia investigated reincarnation all over the world, he found that children who was talking about their past life were accurate in most case. He also found that birthmarks correspond to some physical hurt which occurred in the life of the person dead and reincarnated in the children. On of this case is a man who have been killed by a shotgun in the head. The child, reincarnation of this man has a birthmark located on the head, exactly at the same position where the shotgun hit. How can reincarnation work? It is the question that scientists should answer instead of ignoring the facts.