Resurrected Man Claimed by Two Families

A man who has allegedly come back from the dead after being murdered is being fought over by two families, each claiming him as their own son in Transkei.  The man is being  called Siviwe Ntwalana, a man who was murdered five years ago and also Lakitha Zokufa after another deceased son who allegedly came back from the dead.  The story is too strange for fiction.

The man in dispute is currently residing at Mthatha General Hospital Mental Clinic under the name Lakitha Zokufa.  Apparently the man with two names’ testimony, when present, is not applicable in this situation, but it seems he isn’t particularly sure himself which of the families is correct.  Interestingly, there is no real gain for either family financially for getting their son back, and both are convinced enough by their son’s presence that they are willing to pay for the otherwise strange man’s medical fees.

Both parties are also so convinced that they are willing to pay for DNA tests to find out who the man is truly related to, and they’re willing to match his fingerprints as well.  This case is truly strange as both seem to have a convincing story leading their son back home to them.  It seems this is one of the strangest cases of mistaken identity ever put forward, as both believe the man is their son and neither can explain how he is here.

The grief stricken families are ever convinced any investigation into the matter will lead investigators to the incontrovertible truth that the man is indeed each family’s dead son.

“People do resurface after being confirmed dead and reburied,” said Zamikhaya Ntwalana, one of the hopeful relatives, “Something similar did happen twice in Qokolweni in 1994 and then again in 1997.”  Indeed there have been many more rumored cases of life after death, particularly involving sons who died under mysterious or violent circumstances.  One such case involved a fisherman in the United States in New Orleans who contracted a mysterious illness and was buried, only to be found walking about the town years later with no recollection of who he was.  As his coffin was examined, it was discovered that it contained no body.  This was before DNA tests, but the man did eventually recall his memory, but to this day does not know how he escaped death or his tomb.  The story has spawned hundreds of others like it and even several books and films.

But what of this newest case?  It doesn’t seem anyone truly gains anything from deception, therefore it seems no scam would really have any motivation.  And considering the drastic implications of the case, and the expense each party is willing to go through, it only adds to how unexplainable this story truly is.  Who will the resurrected man turn out to be related to?  As details are released we will keep you up to date.  Until then, the man’s identity remains utterly unexplainable.