Russian River Mysteriously Begins to Boil

The worldwide river phenomenons continue and this time it’s in Russia.  Hundreds of residents that live in Yekaterinburg, Russia reported that the small river named Olkhovka, suddenly turned into a stream of hot water.

“The water is really hot. The shore of the river is littered with dead fish,” a professor from a local university stated.

The local urban traffic control service reported the problem. According to them, most likely, somewhere there was a gust of hot water supply line.  Then the water flowed into the river, and then into the pond. But a solution to this problem is difficult.

 “Yesterday and today, there are specialists. The problem is that when the river connects to the pond, the water flows through a tunnel, and no one knows exactly where there was a rush,“ said Russian urban traffic control dispatchers.

Possible sources for the hot stream could belong to the “Sverdlovsk Heat Supply Company” (TGC unit number 9), MUP “Ekaterinburgenergo” or the SvRW. All three organizations have to follow the course of the river, which originates in the 7 keys, its backbone. But all three organizations have denied any involvement to the problem.

If it is indeed proven that the extremely hot stream has a manmade explanation and they find out who is responsible, the situation may be subject to the criminal proceedings with the environmental prosecutor’s office.