Russia’s Stone Henge

The Ural Mountain range has long been known as one of the strangest places in the world.  Those who go there unprepared are said to risk losing their minds if they remain too long.  There are reports of every paranormal phenomenon imaginable taking place amid the icy plains and snow capped mountains.  UFO reports, rumors of subterranean alien bases, ghosts, and monsters are spoken of by those who have visited the trouble Ural area.  And there is something else: an ancient fortress of mystery that rarely enters the minds of westerners.  Arkaim is known to some travelers as Russia’s Stonehenge.

The fortress was first built in the Bronze Age with four portals opening to the cardinal directions.  And according to researchers who have visited the site, it is also one of the most advanced ancient calendars, tracking 18 major astronomical events with incredible precision.  Konstantin Bystrushkin, the archaeologist researching the location for several years, has uncovered many of the fortress’ secrets, and yet many more remain unanswered.  Partially this is due to the loss of one researcher who as she stood amid the ancient ruins claims to have been put in contact with the ghosts of those who lived there long ago and learned a considerable amount about them.  Unfortunately, she was later institutionalized as whatever she saw drove her insane.

Sharing an exact geographical altitude with Stonehenge, the mysterious structure shows significantly more knowledge of the stars than any other ancient structure.  And the mysteries of ghosts and strange symmetry don’t end there.  Reports of UFOs and strange creatures have always surrounded the fortress.  It’s almost as though this structure is situated at the edge of the known universe’s reality and those who enter its walls are transported somewhere else.  The rumored mysterious forces at work here are also said to cure ailments and even, if the visitor enacts a ritual at the site, grant wishes.  Many visit from the Bolshaya Karaganka River in order to treat ailments and head out on pilgrimages.

And there are three locations associated with Arkaim.  One is the tourist destination.  The second is the area still being excavated.  And the third is a mysterious place that the locals refuse to go to.  As with many mysteries coming out of Russia, the dramatic nature of this place seems perfect like a horror the likes of which Bram Stoker would be proud to call his own.  The mysterious region is said to possess a great deal of mystical energy that can effect those who visit it either positively or negatively.  It was in the Ural mountain area that there were also a series of mysterious disappearances.  Late last year a girl and her two friends were chased by mysterious lights.  The girl was never found, but the boys were clearly frightened by their encounter.  It was also here that several hikers died under mysterious circumstances as they went on a skiing expedition through the rarely traveled pass now known as Dyatlov Pass after it was named after the leader of the ill fated expedition.  They were found arranged in a way that still perplexes investigators to this day.  After all of the rumors and mysteries that have come from the Ural mountains, it seems a safe bet that the region is one of the most paranormally active areas in the world.  And the Arkaim fortress appears to be a jewel of activity even for the region.