Sasquatch Appears in China

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When one thinks of Bigfoot or Sasquatch they most likely will relate the story to a legend from the western portion of the United States or possibly Canada.  Recently, however, a string of sightings have popped up from the Qinling Mountains in China.  You may remember the Qinling Mountain range from the story about an entire village there suddenly and mysteriously vanishing according to reports.

The Sasquatch is often considered one of the most bizarre, frightening and foul smelling gentle giants you are likely to encounter in the woods, and it has a strange propensity to show up shortly after UFO sightings.  Or at the very least we can say people report it more often after a UFO sighting in the area has been reported.  In reality, the encounters often leave witnesses perplexed as to what exactly they have just seen.  And the recent string of sightings in the Qinling Mountains is certainly no exception as the People’s Daily Online reports.

Upon approaching the peak of the Tai Bai mountain, one of many dotting the countryside along the Qinling Mountain Range, a team of climbers suddenly came across a massive hairy humanoid lurching out from the forest.  As they found themselves face to face with the creature, one of them screamed, “It’s a monster!” and began an expeditious retreat down the path in the opposite direction.  His companions soon followed, and all of them soon found themselves falling into a ravine.  As they were being treated in the hospital with relatively minor injuries considering their fall, they would not speak of the event for several days.  Then, despite the fact that they had been treated in separate rooms, they relayed detailed accounts of the events even telling of how the creature looked.  And their stories all fit with perfect symmetry with one another.  It was clearly one of the most terrifying experiences the experienced climbers had ever faced.

Bigfoot is one of those paranormal creatures that it’s fairly easy to dismiss, giving it a humorous name and associating it with equally whimsical anecdotes is only part of the fun of retelling the story.  And yet even with its humorous background, every year hundreds of witnesses come forward terrified and convinced they have seen something that lives and breathes somewhere in the woods.  The humor of the creature no longer appeals to them.  They begin to take the encounters very seriously.  It sounds strange to take such a creature so seriously to some people, but to others it is only too clear why.

Bigfoot not only represents to us our anxieties about the unknown while geographically isolated, it seems to hearken back into our past and probe the very question of our origins.  And the things most often remembered about Bigfoot are not the elements we have different, but the things we share in common with this mysterious creature.  And clearly whatever these witnesses and others like them saw in the Qinling mountain range will have them reexamining just how much of our own world we truly understand.