“Satan in My Bathroom!”

When the image of Christ or Mary appears in a baked potato or a piece of toasted cheese sandwich some will revere it while others will ignore it.  No matter where you look in the news, someone has found an image depicting a figure of religious significance in their breakfast.  This is only partially one of those stories.  As it turns out the image that appeared was not a positive one at all, but rather the image of a little demon (or Satan depending on who you ask) staring out from a bathroom tile on the wall.

The image led Laszlo Csrefko, who had just finished renovating the bathroom to believe alongside his wife that some demonic force was in their humble commode.  The middle aged couple is still recovering from an ordeal where Andrea noticed the strange figure on the wall tile as she was leaving the shower.  After seeing the image she screamed and ran to safety, declaring she would never enter that bathroom again.  Husband Laszlo tried to clear the image from the wall by cleaning it, but said it was there to stay.

Oddly neither remembers the image being there when they installed the tile in the wall.  Since spotting the demonic face in mid September, they have noted the bathroom getting gradually chillier, despite heating the room.  The distraught couple has been forced to do all their bathing in a downstairs sink, and say they need divine intervention or else they will seal the room up forever.

It seems like a bit of an overreaction considering faces appear in the details of clouds and marble tiles all the time.  Most abstract images, given enough space and time will manifest images that seem like faces.  The bathroom may be getting colder because of a gradual change in seasons.  It seems an almost hysterical reaction even by “faces appearing in things” standards.

People have compared the face to specific demons from various layers of hell, but have also commented that it bears a striking resemblance to Hugh Laurie, Alan Rickman, Green Goblin from the Spiderman series, and John Merrick’s portrayal of the Elephant Man.  The fact that these celebrities and characters bear no resemblance to one another whatsoever only illustrates further how up for interpretation this tile from hell is.

Rather than get an exorcist, if the offending tile is the source of concern for the Csrefko family, why not simply remove the tile and replace it with another one?  Or, knowing previous ‘found faces,’ they could simply sell it.  Images of Jesus on a pancake being auctioned online reached $15,000 before being taken down for fraud.  When someone offers $15,000 for a pancake said to bear the likeness of Christ on it the real question isn’t why someone is selling it, but rather why someone is buying it.

Is there more to this Satanic tile than meets the eye?  As with anything there’s always a chance that anything anywhere is possible.  But given the fact that the couple sought media attention before seeking spiritual help in the matter, it may be a little more difficult a pill to swallow.