Sea Monster Washes Ashore UK Beach – Right On Schedule

It’s a grim prediction to have come true, but just as scientists announced that marine life may be dying at an unprecedented rate due to acidifying oceans, pollution, climate change, and over-fishing, we predicted that we would soon be seeing its effects in another more unfamiliar way with the washing ashore of mysterious creatures we had not yet seen.  And now it appears that very thing may have just begun as walkers in the UK discovered a mystery creature that had died and washed ashore

The Sun reported that the mysterious remains were discovered by two locals to the UK.  And while marine biologists and skeptics are suggesting it might be a conventional marine mammal like a whale, the disturbing images of the corpse seem to suggest a different point of view.  Note, for example, the lack of a dorsal fin and the ribbed structures along the creature’s back   It looks more like a long hammer headed snake or even, as some are suggesting, like the recently scarce “Nessie” though the remains were found very far from the Loch.

Unfortunately, this is not surprising, however.  After we covered a story on predictions by marine biologists that the seas may soon see a mass die off – the single greatest in several millennia – we considered what this might mean for the vast number of unexplained and previously unencumbered or legendary creatures living in the vast swaths of unexplored ocean.  Logic dictates if we are seeing the end of a long and proud history of marine life, then we have much to learn about the oceans and their inhabitants.  And as unfortunate as it may be, our first encounters with these creatures may be their last.  Currently only an estimated 10% of the world’s oceans have been explored by humans.  And considering how complex and abundant with life the ocean turned out to be once scientists started exploring its depths, we can then logically assume that we have not seen many of the creatures that travel along specific migratory patterns or who are simply too deep underwater for our vessels to reach.

Unfortunately, if the oceans do start dying off in massive numbers, and the proper precautions are not taken to ensure these areas are protected, then we may very well see hundreds of previously unknown species as they enter the final days of their species and shed this mortal coil leaving behind enigmas that we can only begin to fathom.  Fishermen and explorers used to fear the monsters of legend that could latch onto their ships and drag seamen to a watery grave.  Eventually creatures like the giant squid were discovered and documented, removing them from the stock of unproven ghost stories to be told once the ships got to shore.  Now, as we continue our journey through history forward it seems these same fishermen and explorers are no longer fearing the Giant Squid and other monsters of the deep, but fearing for it.