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Open Your Own Spiritual Shop And Start Selling

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Attention Spell Casters, Wiccans, Tarot Readers and Spiritualists

Are you looking to sell your Spiritual Download or Service? Have you been kicked off Ebay or Etsy for selling your Spiritual offerings? I want to introduce you to Unexplainable.Com – A dedicated Spiritual Marketplace that is here to stay!  Allow me to tell you about the setup and step you through.

Products Unexplainable.Com Allows

The list below is only a snippet of allowed products and possibilities. If you have other ideas for products or services and need to verify our platform will work for you, please contact us.

Digital Downloads

You may sell almost anything that can be instantly downloaded, like Subliminal Recordings, Hypnosis Sessions, Lesson Guides, Packages, Guided Meditations, Videos, Apps, Programs, etc.

  • MP3’s and Audio Files
  • Video Files
  • PDF and Documents
  • Apps and Programs

The only spiritual products we do not allow vendors to offer are “Isochronic Tones” and “Binaural Beats” because we offer them ourselves.

Spiritual Services

These are spiritual services which you collect your customers information and provide an individualized product. All Spiritual Services must be delivered to the customer within 72 hours from purchase.

  • Tarot and Psychic Readings
  • Astrology, Numerology, and Other Reports
  • Spiritual Contact Services
  • Spell Casting and Wiccan Services
  • Custom Services

Unexplainable.Com’s Fee’s

Our fees keep us competitive and offer several advantages over other platforms. We allow vendors to set affiliate commissions and we take less to let you earn more! See the example below on Unexplainable.Com VS Fiverr

Fiverr’s Payout Example

You make a $20 Sale
Fiverr Takes a 20% fee,  leaving you $16
Paypal Takes between $0.88 cents  to $1.18 depending on customer location
You wind up with $15.12 (at best), regardless who referred the customer.

Unexplainable.Com’s Example #1

You make a $20 Sale
Unexplainable.Com Takes a 15% fee at checkout,  leaving you $17
Unexplainable.Com Covers the Paypal Fees!
You wind up with $17 (at best) if there is no affiliate or your own referral.

Unexplainable.Com’s Example #2

You make a $20 Sale
The affiliate gets 10% leaving you $18
Unexplainable.Com Takes a 15% fee at checkout,  leaving you $15.30
Unexplainable.Com Covers the Paypal Fees!
You wind up with $15.30 if an affiliate referred the sale

Why Unexplainable.Com’s System is Better:

  • Leverage Affiliate Promotion Power!
    With Fiverr, Affiliates Probably Won’t Directly Promote Your Gig. But With Unexplainable.Com, Affiliates Can Promote You! Since we offer affiliate commissions on individual products, you have the option to recruit affiliates, and benefit from other affiliates who send traffic and buy your product!
  • Promoting Your Own Products Earns You More!
    All sales you refer from your affiliate link earn you the Full Commission- Which is More than Fiverr pays.
  • You Earn Commission On Other Products!
    If you refer a visitor and they buy multiple products from several vendors, you earn Full Commission on your product + affiliate commissions on all other purchases!
  • Specifically Tailored For Spiritual Products!
    Spirituality is our niche. All traffic coming here is interested in spirituality.

A Look At The Features

Digital Product Creation:- Instant Delivery

Instant delivery products are a snap to setup.  Your vendor panel will have an “add product” page like below.

  • Product Name–  This will display as your products title
  • Category–  Select category and sub-category if available. (you may also suggest a new category)
  • Delivery–  Select “Instant Download” and upload your zip file containing your product.
  • Feature Image– Upload your products image, and/or upload multiple images in a gallery
  • Price– Enter the product price the customer pays before any commissions
  • Affiliate Percentage– Enter what percentages affiliates receive. (between 10% – 90%)
  • Product Description– Enter your text / html information for your sales page. Images are allowed!
  • Youtube URL– Optionally add a Youtube Video URL
  • SEO– Optionally add keywords, description, and tags.
  • Publish your product!
    spiritual product creation

Spiritual Services Product Creation

If you are selling a service where you need to collect the buyers information, First create a Thank you Page.  You must have a Thank you Page created before product creation. The process is simple!

Give your thank you page a title and and select “Add Contact Form”. Add fields for each value you need the customer to send you. If you need users images, check the “Image Upload” field. Click “APPLY” and copy the Shortcode.
In the HTML Page Content Box, thank the customer, instruct them to fill in the form, and let them know you will deliver their order in under 72 hours. Then paste the form shortcode.  See image below:

spiritual form page

After saving your Thank you Page, you can view it from your console to ensure it looks good. This is the page your customers will be directed to after payment.
The above form looks like this:

spiritual thank you page

Now that your Thank you Page is done, follow the steps above on “Digital product Creation”, but for “product delivery”, select “Thank you Page”. Then simply select the Thank you Page that corresponds to that product.

select your thank you page

How To Deliver Your Product

With all “Instant Delivery” Products, there is no action needed by you. The system will deliver the zip file you uploaded directly to your customer with no action required from you.

If you are selling a Service that used a Thank you Page, you will be alerted when your customer sends the form. Navigate to your User Dashboard –> Messages.
spiritual messages

Click the Eyeball symbol to open the message. You will see the Order#, Form Data, and Image attachment (if used).
Let the customer know the delivery is attached, and click “Choose File” to upload your product. Check the box “Delivered” and then click “Add Reply”. Your customer will receive the delivery right through the message system!
You will also use this system to communicate with your customers.

deliver spiritual downloads

Viewing Orders- Click on Orders —> All Orders  to view your orders and details

spiritual orders

Dashboard View-  View your balances, withdraws, pending messages, items sold, etc on the Vendor Dashboard.

spiritual dashboard

Helpful Hints:

  • Offer a Healthy Affiliate Commission- Offer what you can afford. Selling power comes from traffic, and you want to harness the power of affiliates!

  • Promote with your affiliate link- Guarantees full commission for your referrals + commission if your referral purchases other products from different vendors!

  • Write Your Sales Pages Well- A good copy can make all the difference.

  • Promote Your Products- Top Vendors get featured on the Homepage!

  • Customize your shop with your own icon and header image for a professional look!

  • Always offer great value and great products and services

Start Today!

As you see, the system is powerful and complete.  It has everything you need to get up and going in no time. And best of all, I am personally here to help you setup! Just drop me a message here https://unexplainable.com/contact and I will give you my undivided attention to get you rolling!

Visit https://unexplainable.com/user/login
Create A Free Account
Activate The Affiliate and Vendor Panel from inside Your Account
Then Add Your Products!