Shadow people

The first one I saw was when I was probably 3 or 4 years old. I came up my stairs and looked in the computer room and there were 2 or 3 tall dark figures standing in there moving around. I ran screaming to my parents room and of course they didn’t believe me except for my dad who didn’t believe me till years later when he saw one too.

When he saw one it was almost completely dark and he was standing on our porch when he looked off and saw a dark creature moving around looking at him barely hiding behind the porch. He said that it moved alot like Golum from lord of the rings. It poped up and looked at him and poped back down and did this several times.

My dad went over to check it out and there was nothing there. A few years later I was at a friends house playing capture the flag when I noticed a shadow person. By this time I had gotten used to this kind of stuff since there is a house nearby there that has alot of wierd stuff happen around it. I saw several running around. Some people said that it was just some of the people playing capture the flag but I saw one of them run right under a motion sensor light that I was never able to get by undetected.

Later that same night I was gaurding the capture the flag jail which was in the middle of a bunch of piles of mulch. Me and my friend who I had in jail looked up at one of the piles of mulch and there was this strange mist hovering there that looked like a lady. Of course it scared the crap out of us so we ran. I still have no explination for any of this.