Sheep Mutilations in Shrewsbury

 Shrewsbury farmers made a startling discovery when they discovered several of their sheep dead by mysterious “laser” markings from an unidentified source.  The farmers discovered the sheep dead with “neat holes” in their skulls along with the removal of several internal organs which were never discovered.

The description of the scene of the horror is just as mysterious as it is graphic.  The farmers in Shrewsbury first witnessed mysterious lights hovering above their farms and witnessed unidentified “beams of energy” shooting down into the fields.  After the lights vanished, the farmers investigated the next morning only to discover that several of their sheep had been killed.  And the incident is only the latest in several plaguing the region.

In the past month sheep have been found with their eyes removed, surface tissue stripped away with “neat precision” and internal organs removed.  The sheep were discovered completely exsanguinated.  The evidence left behind is analogous to several harrowing encounters where farmers have discovered a number of their livestock killed.  Traditionally other animals avoid the sites of these killings, often leaving large patches overgrown in mostly grazed areas for years afterward as though they were avoiding the scene of a murder that still held painful memories for the rest of them.

Phil Hoyle has spent over a decade looking into the phenomena around the region, and believes he has discovered 50-miles of mutilation where the incidents occur.  The area between Shrewsbury and Powys is often thought of as a ufo “hot spot” where mysterious sightings often precede or follow the incidents.  And Hoyle isn’t just working purely on speculation, but rather has witnessed himself an incident happening near Radnor Forest along with 15 other members.  They watched as a mysterious cluster of lights descended and began attacking livestock before vanishing just as suddenly and mysteriously.  Hoyle believes the technology he has seen first hand in these attacks is far in excess of anything we have seen on this planet of human origin.  He found the attack he and his colleagues witnessed to be comparable to something that would be more at home in a Star Wars film than a simple farming community.

After the incident Hoyle interviewed farmers, several of which had had mysterious disappearances or deaths at some point during the night.  The effect on the community has been both financially inconvenient and personally frightening as the farmers rally to meet demands even as their livestock is killed by an unknown menace.

Of course cattle mutilations are nothing new.  The phenomenon entered the mainstream media’s attention first in 1967 when a mysterious triangle of red rings hovered and hummed above a small farm above Alamosa Colorado.  One horse was killed by the name of Lady, but the incident was declared the “Snippy” incident after another horse at the ranch.  Since then, the media has been perplexed by these mysterious incidents and their unknown purpose.  The recent string of attacks in Shrewsbury are only the latest in a mystery that spans over 40 years.