Six Meteorites Smash House Six Times

The odds of getting struck by lightning are approximately one in half a million.  The odds of winning the lottery are somewhere around 120 million to one.  And the odds of one man’s house being hit by six separate asteroids is far too large a number to fathom.  The odds of a single meteor hitting your house is several digits beyond the trillions.  And he says it’s not just mere chance, but rather a cosmic conspiracy by an extraterrestrial intelligence.

A meteor landing is not something you can simply fake.  Tests can confirm that a meteorite is indeed extraterrestrial in nature, and the stones Mr. Radivoke Lajic submitted to Belgrade University confirmed that each of the objects was not of this Earth.  He has sold at least one of the meteorites to reinforce his home against future meteorite attacks which he says will continue to happen as something from space is targeting him.

The chances of this occurring at random indeed seems like one of the most unlikely things imaginable, but the chances of aliens targeting a man with meteorites doesn’t seem incredibly likely either.  Lajic says the incidents happen during rainstorms largely, and as a result he cannot sleep during rainstorms due to fears that another rock from space will come tumbling down on his home.  The anxiety has sent his world into a spiral of weary depression.  But is it possible Lajic is the victim of an unexplainable magnetic influence?  Scientists from around the world are currently investigating the matter.

Even skeptics are finding explanations largely difficult to come by.  The holes in Mr. Lajic’s house and the alien rocks acquired in his home seem to go a long way toward explaining the case somewhat.  And the fact that Lajic spent all the money he acquired from the meteorites themselves on a new steel reinforcement to his roof seems to further add to his credibility.  But what of his personal explanation?  It’s certainly not beyond the realm of possibility that a naturally occurring geomagnetic influence that we do not yet understand is interacting with brewing storms and generating enough magnetic influence to cause his house to be the site of several meteor strikes.  But if his house is merely a cross section of the area, it stands to reason that several more should be in the immediate vicinity around his house as well.  Is it possible these meteorites are actually indicating there is a strange magnetic phenomenon going on not only in space, but also beneath the ground on which his house is built?

Will meteorites continue to hit the Lajic household in the coming months and years?  Lajic himself is almost certain of it, and every time a storm brews on the horizon he finds himself troubled by the possibility of a rain not only from the clouds but from the stars themselves.