Small Skull found in Kenya- Dates 970,000 Years Old

Picture may not be exact skull foundScientists found a Tiny humanoid skull last friday. Unfortunately the skull wasn’t complete. From rough observations, it is currently assumed the skull belonged to a Female that walked the Earth over 970,000 Years Ago.

The Skull was found 55 miles southwest of Nairobi in Kenya. A Joint excavation venture by the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History and the National Museums of Kenya produced these incredible finds.

In the same Kenyan region, A mess of hand made Ax’s and wooden tools were also discovered. Scientists are enthusied because this is the smallest skull ever found that fits the homo erectus category.

Does this finding confirm that Human were once smaller? And will this new information disprove the existence of giants?  It is only natural to conclude that life started small and worked it’s way up.  Perhaps this skull is another notch in history that we will never fully understand.