Steve Fossett Finds 4th Dimension Portal

A new report has been appearing around the web witch is getting much
attention. This particular report is very off-beat and strange, and the claims
are outrageous, but none the less, very interesting. We realize this information
has no scientific backing, but it is worth mentioning.

You may have heard that Steve Fossett (The Millionaire) has been reported
missing. Steve and his plane are both MIA. Steve is a recognized well known
person for his adventures with balloons and planes, including being the first
person to travel around the world in a balloon.

On September 3rd, 2007 (around 5 months ago from when this was written),
Steve Fossett was reported missing when his plane that was flying over Nevada
failed to return. It has been a mystery since.

Some websites claim to have some evidence and are putting together a story on
how Steve Fossett’s disappearance is not of the ordinary kind. 

According to the data displayed elsewhere, before Steve’s disappearance, he
has been consulting with close friends about a special place he found. The place
he spoke of is described as a “Portal” or an “Opening” to
the 4th dimension. It has been described that blue humanoids were inside this
opening, and reality was totally different. There were no wars, no money, and
peace all around.

Reports claim that Steve visited this portal several times. Each time, the
portal has moved it’s location, but he was still able to find it. Writings also
claim that he brought several UFO researchers to the portal, but none of them
would go close enough to gather data or go inside the portal.

It is now being said that Steve traveled back to the portal, and entered the
4th dimension. Recent reports also say that Steve Fossett contacted his wife to
let her know that he will reveal all this information when the time is right,
and to let her know that she will never find him or his plane again. Fossett
informed his wife he was in a good place, and not to worry about him.

So far, there is little verified information, and this story, although
interesting, sounds absolutely crazy. But if such a portal does exist, and if
infact Steve Fossett did enter the 4th dimension, what a story it would be.

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