Stick Figure Could be 2011’s Creepiest Cryptid Story

A series of photographs uploaded to the Internet have been generating buzz along with the eerie story accompanying them.  And upon closer examination, the photos appear fairly genuine, except their contents appear more like something you would expect to see in a nightmare than a real object.  The original source of the photograph still remains undetermined, but as it spreads, some are hoping for more witnesses to come forward to possibly confirm (and hopefully refute) this disturbing creature that just walked into our world seemingly from a different reality.

The photographs can be traced back to a posting on the popular conspiracy site Above Top Secret, but the original source material cannot be determined.  As the researchers at Above Top Secret, or ATS are certainly not strangers to the strange, the sighting could be a recent real time event, a hoax perpetrated by parties unknown, or something else.  The story accompanying the photo states that the witness made the sighting at 8:30 while the witness was getting ready to leave their office.  As they looked outside, they saw a very long shadow that seemed impossibly thin for a person.  As they watched, the shadow started moving like a person walking.  Quickly the witness could see it was not a normal person.  As the witness found the source of the shadow itself, they quickly saw that it was actually an extremely tall humanoid shape that appeared to all be one fused piece walking like an animate statue or stick person.  The witness describes the figure as having no face.  Accompanying the peculiar figure was an extremely loud buzzing noise.  As the witness retrieved his camera phone to begin snapping photographs, he could see the figure quickly growing taller and taller until it was about the height of an adjacent office building.  After the figure grew to such an extremely tall height, it eventually crawled up over the roof and disappeared.

The source of the report and the images came from an anonymous message board.  The post was translated from Spanish before being posted up to ATS.  The find, alongside the analysis and reactions of the posters there has left much food for thought.  The figure, along with its featureless face and body that seems thin and frail but at once completely outside the boundaries of known reality appears a bit like the “Slender Man,” which was mostly an internet phenomenon turned into folklore in subsequent years.  But unlike Slender Man, this figure’s origins cannot be determined.  So what is it?  Are we looking at an elaborate hoax?  Or has something from a parallel reality somehow slipped between the cracks in our dimension and begun its gradual journey wandering the Earth unseen by all but a very unfortunate few?

The idea of actually seeing a creature suddenly grow several stories while retaining its general slender size is nothing short of terrifying.  To see something as profoundly disturbing as that could drive many brave men and women temporarily or permanently to the brink of a mental breakdown.  After all, seeing something like that could make you question whether your entire life was simply an illusion veiled in ignorance that shielded you from a truly chaotic and unknown universe.