Strange Creature Skeletal Remains Found

The skeletal remains of a strange creature have been found on Albuquerque’s West Mesa. A detailed skeleton of what appears to be a flying, or swimming creature, rather flat, and preserved very well.  News Channel 4

The creature belongs to Robert Wheeler. “It was found out on the West Mesa,” says Wheeler. ”A friend of mine was out there shooting and kicked it out of the dirt.” “It looks like a gargoyle” said Wheeler’s friend Steve Garcia. “It has these sponge-like lips.” Garcia and Wheeler say Hispanics seem most affected by the creature ”“ and what it might be. “To people of Spanish heritage, it’s the chupacabra,” says Wheeler.

When this News article aired, it created a stir.  No some are claiming it was fake, and only aired as a ratings boost report.  Although the creature is weird, some are saying it is a salt water skate, a flunder, or some other flat boned aquatic creature.  Perhaps this is the truth, and there is nothing abnormal about the find, But no factual evidence have emerged as of yet.