Strange Creature Stalks Mississippi Town

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A creature discovered in the Bay St. Louis area has topped off several investigations of the type that seem to indicate a new wave of unexplainable biological entities in our midst.  After being sighted by witnesses in Bay St. Louis’ Cedar Point, the creature is undergoing investigation and a wide range of speculation from locals and cryptozoologists abroad.  But what is it?

Witnesses have reported that the creature attacked a dog and dragged it off into the night before police arrived to investigate.  Mike DeNardo has been telling people to keep close track of their children in case the creature makes a second appearance.  So far the witnesses who described the creature were unable to place it or compare it to a creature known to exist.  As a result police have been focusing on the sole piece of evidence the creature left behind along with signs of a struggle where the dog was attacked.  The only thing left is a casting of a mysterious footprint that almost resembles that of a mountain lion.  But given that the Bay St. Louis area is surrounded on three sides by water and the fourth is largely occupied by towns and buildings, it would be difficult for a big cat to get so far into the coastal area without being detected somehow.  And not everyone is so sure the creature is one that has been documented before.

Still, if it is a big cat is it another case of large cats suddenly appearing seemingly out of the blue in an otherwise wildlife free area?  With the UK government claiming no big cat invasion is taking place and still others convinced that the creatures not only exist, but do so everywhere, it’s clear many will be paying close attention to this particular case to see if there is anything more to the phenomena than rumors seem to indicate.

Will the creature be seen again?  Or will it be yet another big cat that simply vanished never to be seen again?  In May of 2010, Indiana’s Greene County saw a sudden flood of Big Cats that would later vanish just as mysteriously as they arrived.  Cryptozoology blog Cryptomundo reported again on June 30th that a creature stalking Canada’s Lac George had appeared before frightened witnesses only to disappear just as mysteriously.  The creature was said to be a large black panther-like creature, again fitting the model for these mysterious sightings.  And hundreds of others have followed in recent months as well.  The sightings range everywhere from the United Kingdom to China to the United States.  Places large black cats typically reside are not included since sightings there are typically considered mundane and having a normal logical explanation.

Residents of Bay St. Louis in Mississippi will be certain to keep an eye and an ear out in the meantime and take precautions to ensure their families and pets are protected just in case they mysterious creature decides to make a comeback in the next few days.