Strange Day In CT- Chem Trails, Accidents, Oil Spills

Today was a strange day. February, 15, 2005 it was 55 degrees in New Haven, CT.  The rain was heavy over night, and the fog was dense in the early morning.  When I was driving to work, I saw 2 accidents on I-95 Interstate Highway.  I was held up for about 20 minutes by rubber-neckers.  When I passed the crash points, the first one was almost a head on head collision. A little further down the road, I saw accident #2. A blue car was smeared under a tractor trailer.  I managed to make it to work just in time.

When I was driving to the Job Site, I noticed most visible Chemical Trails left behind from High Flying planes.  I managed to get a bunch of nice shots.  Click the thumbnails to see the large pics. 


1.jpg (54757 bytes)  2.jpg (44926 bytes)   3.jpg (67979 bytes)

4.jpg (27615 bytes)   5.jpg (57392 bytes)

So, what are these chem trails?  Some say the government spray’s chemicals of some kind over large cities.  Some others say vaccinations and insect control, others just think it’s the jet’s exhaust.  But we all know normal jets and planes have small to no visible exhausts.  Can you think of a reason why the government would fly planes to no destination, and leave behind huge cloud trails?  Hmmm.

Anyway, after the chem trail photos, I was driving behind an oil tanker, and I thought, wouldn’t it be horrible if the tanker was leaking as it was driving.  I imagined myself in the situation and how I would react if I noticed it leaking while driving by.  My conclusion was, I would drive by the side of him, beep till he saw me, than flag him over.  I even remember thinking of what I can use to catch the oil.  But it was just all a daydream. But no doubt, a true daydream. I recall it vividly.

A few hours later, I-95 was totally shut down because a tanker was driving while leaking fuel, and continued driving for quite a distance.  I do not have exact numbers. Traffic was horrible. I got caught for over 2 hours bumper to bumper on back roads. The highway was a mess.

When I returned home after work, I talked to the old lady, and she was telling me of another smashed car where the car looked like a twisted which was probably fatal.  The local radio also confirmed a 6 car collision a few miles up.  

To tally this up, From exit 51-56 had at least 4 serious highway accidents, and a major oil spill ALL IN The Early Morning. At the same time, Planes were expelling Chem Trails, and I had an amazing premonition.