Stress May Invoke Supernatural Powers in Humans

Stress is the trigger of the supernatural human

The power of the human mind— How far can it go?! In a Universe which is created by the power of the Word, mere thoughts and ideas can be the basis of a whole new parallel universe……as the human being emerges into the exalted position as a Master of the Universe……where his power and purity is unrivaled , as he soon transcends into the Holy Dimensions of the Universe…..

If anything , stress is the trigger of the supernatural human…..

The early humans who lived in this world, the ones whom we descended from, lived in an environment of extreme stress….yet, these passionate and sensitive beings, who didn’t have the modern technology to heal the sick and the wounded , were very spiritual …they didn’t have an extensive language, yet, to communicate, and thus the esp powers of the mind were most likely very active….

As these beings began to suffer extreme duress and stress from their Earthly circumstances, this passage thru life was communicated to God thru the power of their emotions….and God began to feedback to His Creation thru dream, to be strong, when one day they would finally triumph over the suffering of this existence…..and head into the ages of their human heritage…..

I’ve heard in native American culture, that one must obey the dream, for the dream came from the Great Spirit, and your dreams are intrinsically linked to your destiny….

Do dreams have hidden a meaning?! ….perhaps!

The young man and the spider can only mean that the young man is spiritually corrupt and is unable to combat the evil which pulls him to the edge of the abyss…. the young man is a spiritually fallen being for whom he must alter his life while he can still do good work, before he enters the twilight , as his day’s work is finally done….
What the flying dream means is that as long as the individual remains pure and holy,
they will soar like an eagle…yet, when the weight of corruption enters their life, they will fall like a rock……for the weight of a single penny’s worth of sin will fall like lighting right through the most billowy, thickest, majestic, white clouds as they emerge on the horizon, like a throne of judgment ready to reign us up or reign us down……
The lethargic sleep, may be the power of the subconscious mind…..dominating the conscious mind, bringing it into a deep sleep so it can down load its mysterious world into the totality of the human being, thus, molding him to become the perfected being in the sight of God….perhaps this was the power of Gogol’s writings…

Perhaps Jesus, when he was a baby boy, had His dreams , too……

At one point in Jesus’s Ascension as the Son of Man , he was transfigured in the presence of Peter James and John, with Moses and Elijah flanking him in supernatural glory….perhaps it was both Moses and Elijah, who thru dream and vision, mentored young Jesus to be the ultimate expression of passion for the human race, as the young Rabbi who was quick with the spiritual wit wrangled for spiritual domination of Israel with the Elders , who weren’t ready for a new breed of thinking about the destiny of Israel and the role of humanity in the House of God…..

Perhaps the power of our minds is like a baby in its embryonic state in the womb of reality, where one day we finally emerge from this secret supernatural symbiotic relationship to become a son and daughter of God, whom, as a child, is responsible with his new found power and begins to build a universe of his own, with the blessing and love of his glorious and eternal Father ……for whom all song, beauty, and love is derived……

George Person