Sturcture of Earth’s Time Matrix

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The Fall and the Great Healing Experiment

What I am about to write does not come from a mere fantasy it is your Birthright. In order to understand what I am about to write on a 3D level we need to understand how our universe (Time_Matrix) is structured. There exists within every universe 15 Dimensions. (There are many universes which exist within the Ecka  God worlds.)

But for now I am simply going to concentrate on ours , it is structured as follows:

Density 1(Gross Matter) D 1, 2, 3
Teuric Shield
Astrological Name : Earth

Density 2(Crystaline)D 4, 5, 6
Telluric Shield)
Astrological Name : Alcyon

Density 3(Liquid Crystaline)D 7, 8, 9
(Doradic Sheld)

Density 4(Liquid Light)D 10,11, 12
(Maharic Shield)

5)Rishic Shield
Density 5(Sound Fields) D 13,14,15
(Rishic Shield)

For CONSCIOUSNESS to manifest into experiential life forms within our universe, it must first step-down it’s frequency (slower vibration and oscillation), this is done by coming into BEINGNESS through the cradle of Lyra. Lyra is also Universal Star Gate 12.

So what is a UNIVERSAL Star Gates?

i)SOURCE (Life Force Current) flows from the Ecka God Worlds through the Star Gates to maintain a universal life support system.

iii)Consciousness that wishes to experience manifestation can down-step frequency and become manifest through a Universal Star Gate

iii)Universal Star Gates connect to the other density levels within a universe and Ecka God worlds

iv) Manifest beings can travel to other densities, star gates enable a being to down-step or speed-up oscillation and vibration to re-manifest as Gross Matter, Crystalline, etc.

v)Manifest beings can become pure CONSCIOUSNESS again by travelling through the Star Gates and back through to the God Worlds

950 billion years ago, three liquid light forms came into BEINGNESS through universal star gate 12, these were the Elohim, (Cat People), Seraphim (Bird People), Oraphim (Dolphin People). For 700 billion years these races lived in harmony and integrated and merged their light fields with each other.

These races had what I will refer to as a DIVINE TEMPLATE of form in which LIFE FORCE CURRENTS can FLOW and continuously expand and contract. These beings HAD direct connection to SOURCE because of this sequencing.

Due to 700 billion years of integration and merging of their templates, distortions set in, and the LIFE FORCE CURRENTS were no longer able to flow correctly, the distortions created FROZEN LIGHT and some beings lost their reason for being and connection to SOURCE. There became a separation of these peoples and a GREAT WAR BROKE out, this war became known as the ELOHIM wars.

The technologies used 700 billion years ago blasted a hole in Lyra, creating a vortex (black hole). When a planet gets mutilated it loses its ability to hold frequency and spin and it literally FALLS into a lower density band. 2/3rds of the planet and it’s peoples were sucked into the Black Hole. These peoples have created many races within the black hole systems, (Zeta’s, Necromiton, Annunaki, Drakonians, Buddharas, Wesdaks, Wesadraks to name but a few). A BLACK HOLE system is completely severed from LIFE FORCE CURRENTS, (No Food) therefore the races have to rely on siphoning these currents from OUR system. These races also war amongst themselves, unfortunately these wars often come through EARTH’s hologram.

If that is not bad enough, they have lost their identity, their connection to SOURCE MANIFEST. Devoid of emotion and with only 3 billion years of sustainable LIFE FORCE CURRENT, they will not be able to experience the JOY of going back to BEING A KNOWING CONSCIOUSNESS. Instead their CONSCIOUSNESS will become completely fragmented (space dust).

The Elohim of what was left of Lyra, created a Guardian Race which seeded Gaia,(Density 3, D7,8,9) and Tara (Density 2, D4,5,6) to create the GREAT HEALING EXPERIMENT within OUR universe, with the objective of helping the fallen races if they wished to rebuild their templates to enable them to run LIFE FORCE CURRENTS.

However, there were those in the black hole races who did not wish to be part of this great healing,  and 5.5 million years ago another great war broke out, these were known as the ELECTRIC WARS, TARA was blasted, part of the planet lost frequency and FELL into DENSITY 1.

The Guardian Races of Tara seeded Earth to once again to resume the healing experiment.

There have been 3 seedings, on EARTH. Seeding 1 were completely annihilated by the FALLEN RACES(Black hole people). Seeding 2 took place in the times of Atlantis(See articles on Atlantis). The Human Angelics on earth today are from seeding 3. We are many races, some races have braided templates with the Fallen Angelics who have asked for help to rebuild their templates and KNOW SOURCE. Some peoples on this planet are bodies housing the FALLEN who are here to manifest WAR on our planet.

This is a very simple synopsis. If you wish to read more go onto www.azuritepress.com and scroll down the page to NEW COMERS.

Know who you are and your full potential as an angelic human!!