Surrency Bright Spot Under Georgia’s Piney Woods

Geological mystery lies deep below state

Deep, very deep, in the heart of South Georgia, miles beneath the

Not Actual Pictiny crossroads town of Surrency, lies a mysterious, newly

discovered geologic formation never detected anywhere else in the


Geologists say the “Surrency Bright Spot,” nine miles beneath South

Georgia’s piney woods, may be an ancient reservoir of water or other

fluid formed more than 200 million years ago by the collision of

North Africa and North America.

“It’s big, and we’ve never seen anything like it before,” says

Dr. Larry Brown, an associate professor of geological sciences

at Cornell University, who was part of a scientific team that

discovered the formation.

Brown, a director of the Cornell-based Consortium for Continental

Reflective Profiling (COCORP), which is developing a detailed

picture of the Earth’s mantle, says the formation – “bright” only in

terms of the way it reflects sound waves – is about two miles in

diameter and appears to be shaped like a contact lens.

If it is a subterranean pool of water or other fluid, it could force

physicists to revise models of the Earth’s crust. Until now many of

them felt the heat and pressure at those depths were too great for

fluids to exist.

Nine miles down, temperatures are nearly 500 degrees Fahrenheit and

pressures are great enough to flatten the sturdiest truck like a


“We really don’t have a good idea what the object the formation

is composed of,” says Brown. “If it is water, it would upset a

lot of scientific theories, and it would cause us to rethink

our ideas about the role of water in forming the Earth’s


Brown says it might be a liquefied gas, such as carbon dioxide or

methane, or something more exotic, such as liquid helium. But he

says because of the tremendous pressure and temperature, it is

probably not oil. Even if it were, it would be impossible to recover

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from such a depth, miles deeper than the deepest oil well. Surrency

Mayor Stanford Tillman, first informed of the unique geologic

feature last week, has his own theory.

“It might have something to do with Surrency’s ghost,” he says.

“If this town is known for anything, it’s for the ghost that

supposedly haunted the old Surrency house owned by the family

for whom the town is named during the 1870s and 1880s.”

Tillman says inhabitants of the house reported dishes flying off

shelves, logs jumping off the fire and bricks coming through the

walls. The “ghost” became so famous that people rode the train from

Atlanta just to see the “haunted” house, which burned down at the

turn of the century.

“A lot of us also suspect that the goings-on had something to

with unusual magnetic activities in our area,” says Tillman.

“The discovery of this object formation is very exciting to


Brown’s interest in the discovery is of a more scientific nature.

The geologists were looking for the long-sought “suture” between the

North African and North American continents when they got the first

hint of the existence of a massive formation in 1985. Recent tests

confirmed the existence of the “bright spot,” and Brown says details

will be published soon in a scientific journal.

“Finding the suture between the continents was exciting, but

the fact that we found this bright spot is even more

exciting,” says Brown.

The discovery is part of an ongoing effort to develop a detailed

picture of the Earth’s crust, which extends 20 miles below the

planet’s surface. The scientists beam sound waves deep underground.

When they are reflected back to the surface, they are recorded on a

graph, giving scientists an idea of the formations far below. The

system helped to determine that the suture between North Africa and

North America runs in a broad, gentle arc from Brunswick through

Americus and on to the Alabama border.

About 500 million years ago, the two continents collided, forming

the Appalachian Mountains. When they pulled apart 180 million years

ago, a piece of North Africa remained lodged against North America,

a continental fragment that now is beneath Florida and South

Georgia. Sometime during that collision, geologists say, water or

some other fluid may have trickled deep into the zone between the

continents, forming the Surrency Bright Spot.


Vangard Note…

We must bring up two interesting points in regard to this


The first is in reggrd to the Hollow Earth theory. The

observation was that it was 9 miles down, at 500 degrees

Fahrenheit and (according to modern theories) subjected to

tremendous pressures.

In regard to the Hollow Earth theory, specifically from the book

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“Etidorpha”, mention is made of a shell of energy surrounding a

central point. This shell attracts on both sides (i.e. from the

outside surface towards it and from the inside surface towards

it). Matter is aggregated from space and from within. The

sphere of energy is hundreds of miles in diameter inside with a

glowing sun at the center. Many legends speak of caves and

tunnels deep within the earth leading to Shamballa and Agharta.

These are where the most advanced of the surface dwellers are

sometimes invited to reside with the inhabitants who are

descendants of devastated cultures such as the Mayans and


The point is that the book Etidorpha says that there are many

entrance points leading to caves and tunnels which go almost

directly to this mirror image of the surface. These entrance

points are many especially in the Southeastern section of the

USA. At one point in the book, the travelers crossed a huge

lake of very still water, since there was no wind to disturb the

surface for the creation of waves. An unmoving surface would

interestingly enough reflect sound waves much as the article

mentions. Very curious, despite the incredulous reaction of

those who refuse to look into such things.

The second observation from this article is the mention of the

“ghostly happenings” at the turn of the century. Aside from the

more likely probability of poltergeist activity (which in itself

might be the same thing), could this not be the actions of the

DERO which Richard Shaver and Ray Palmer wrote about in the 50’s

and 60’s. The DERO are the “evil twins” of the TERO. Both are

said to be descended from a race of surface dwellers who were

forced to move underground when the Sun began giving off

radioactive and deadly radiation.

However, the beneficent radiations emanating from a normal Sun

soon caused mutations and the spawning of the DERO. The TERO

were the ones who managed to remain relatively free of the

mutations but were affected by sickness and loss of mental


When this race moved underground, they took with them many of

the advanced machines which were developed on the surface.

According to Shaver, many of these devices still work though the

devolved races have forgotten how to repair those which don’t.

Many of the machines are said to project rays which can affect

the minds of people, teleport, give intense pleasure or pain,

cause levitation or movement from a distance, etc… The DERO

delight in the use of such devices to torment surface dwellers.

Of those who buy the SHAVER story, some think that the ray

machines could explain some of the “ghostly happenings” which

have occurred for centuries all over the world. Who knows?

Possibly there is a link with the article somewhere in all this