Sylvanic Chronicle 1964



This is the first of 5 chronicles that I believe directly transpired in or around the area known as sylvanic.  If you have no knowledge of sylvanic I recommend reading the introductory article published on this website entitled “The mysteries of Sylvanic” and or have a look at the documentaries published at www.sylvanic.com.   Two gentlemen contacted me through the sylvanic website and where intrigued by my in-depth documentation of sylvanic.  They had also heard the rumors and know something of the native folklore surrounding Sylvanic but nothing to the extent of what I have documented through my interviews. 


To review the validity of every sylvanic related incident I require a detailed description of the location by the person or persons with a story to tell.   And although these two men never actually entered into sylvanic their description of the surrounding area was accurate. 


This chronicle of sylvanic occurred in 1964.  The two gentlemen that I interviewed about this altercation are brothers and remembered the date because this year was a very pivotal one in their lives.  It was not only a short time after their beloved president JFK was assassinated by also the about two months after the elder brother had lost his wife and newborn son during child labor.  At this time the elder brother Gil was 21 and his younger brother Wes was only 19. The two brothers decided to go out on a weeklong hunting and hiking trip that would lead them right in the immediate vicinity of the sylvanic area. 


Obviously Gil was in a very poor state of mind, that combined with alcohol and a loaded gun was a mixture that was certainly headed for disaster. The two men’s plan was to simply wonder through the woods and do their very best to leave their troubles behind them.  There was no actual hunting planned, but if by chance they where to stumble upon an animal that just happened to be unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time they would killed it.   On day two of their treck into the depths of the Rocky Mountains they would in fact cross paths with a young buck.  The simple and seemingly harmless incident escalated into an altercation that would change their lives irreparably. 


It was approximately 3pm and they had stopped to have a beer and enjoy the peace and quiet the vast forest provided when a lone deer emerged from a cluster of trees no more then 100 yard from their position.  Gil had better position initially to make the shot but he was feeling strange and uneasy likely due to the effects of the alcohol he was consuming in combination with the heat of the day and the exertion of the hike.  Wes then took it upon himself to take the shot even though he himself had a few beers he felt the opportunity was to good to let it pass by.  But his shot was a poor one that only wounded the animal. 


The two men charged off in the direction of the fallen animal and when they came upon its struggling body they realized the shot had hit the animal in the hid leg.  The deer was twitching a thrashing violently.  The whole side of the mountain seemed covered in blood.  Gil was so horrified by what he was seeing that he dropped his rifle as he recoiled in disgust.  Wes frozen up and stood motionless.  He was stunned by the atrocity he had committed.  They looked at each other for a moment before the began arguing over which one of them would have to finish of this suffering creator for no less then a minute before they where bashed out of the way from behind by something they did not expect.


An animal knocked the two men in two different directions a distance of about 15 yard from their original positions.  They described this animal as approximately 4 feet tall, with a very thick physique similar to a gorilla only it stood more upright.  As Wes franticly searched for his weapon Gil claims to have witness the creature, from the rear, place it’s hand over the frantically twitching deer’s head.  Immediately the deer seemed to be at peace.  A moment later Wes retrieved his rifle and accidentally fired a shot that blasted off harmlessly into the air.  The sound sent this ape like creator running off in to what seemed to be a dead ended open area up the side of a mountain.  Wes yelled at Gil to retrieve his rifle and with his brothers help Gil was successful.  But in the moment it took to locate the other rifle the animal seem to disappear.


The two men walked up the side of the mountain passed the now silent and seemingly lifeless body of the deer in pursuit of this animal.  What they soon discovered was that the animal had not disappeared into thin air but had entered what seemed to be a small hidden cave at the base of an enormous mountain.  Upon further examination the cave turned out to be a passageway.  This passageway was in fact the entranceway into sylvanic. 

Gil remembers feeling a powerful presence on the other side of that small passageway he describes as strongly feeling like he was being watched.  Wes however was in an entirely different state of mind.  He was determined to purse the creator and entered into the passageway against his brothers warning.  He did not get far.


Wes crouched down on all fours with his rifle cocked and his finger anxiously ready on the trigger.  He peered into the passageway and beyond the light, on the other side, he could see what seemed to be a forest of trees.  But the moment he entered into the passageway he was stopped dead in his tracks as a sound like nothing he had ever hear before sent shivers up his spine.  He and his brother bolted away from that passageway and did not stop running until complete exhaustion overwhelmed their bodies.


  Neither brother to this day have ever hunted a single living creator or gone anywhere near sylvanic. 


When I asked them to try and describe the sound in as much detail as they could they said there was no need for a description.  The main reason they had contacted me and told me the story of what had happened to them was because the same sound that freighted them half to death was the exact same sound they heard on the mpeg movie entitled “shocking” on the sylvanic website.