Telekinesis Discussion- Q and A

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Recently, we have engaged in a discussion on developing telekinesis skills
and covered some important ground. We decided to post this portion of the
conversation for interested parties to read. If you are interested in learning
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Submitter: I think telekinesis is only difficult in our mind from our
current collective consciousness’ perception of dividing matter and
consciousness, don’t you think? I mean, quantum physicists don’t even call
it matter anymore. It’s just all a field of energy, and that energy carries
information that we interpret as ‘this’ or ‘that’. But fully integrating
the fact that we are ‘one’ field of energy should make it easier to move
anything that ‘seems’ separate than us.

As for the PSI ball technique, I have not seemed to be drawn to it yet and I
think there are 2 reasons for that:

(1) I think we can move stuff w/out using our own energy, as it can be draining.
There is an infinite amount of energy in the universe we can leverage without
having to use our own. Maybe a modified psi ball technique where we see energy
from the universe (not from our hands), might be better. (?)

Response: Of course…  The idea is to move the energy. You
absorb it from the earth and direct it where you want in the form of a psi ball. 
There are other techniques available, but the energy from the earth needs to be
first siphoned into your own mind and processed. But the origin of this energy
is the infinite energies that make up this reality.

Submitter: (2) The other is I find the process too mechanical. I
don’t feel we need to visualize energy working like a machine, meaning drawing
it in our hands, then sending it to the object, then touching the object, etc.
Too many steps somehow.

Then again, who am I to talk without proper practice. Maybe this is the very
best technique! 🙂

Response: The human brain can comprehend mechanics, but can not
comprehend inter-dimensional reactions. This is merely a for the brain to
understand and grasp the concept. Our minds live in a coin operated world, but
the hope is that in time we will learn to view energy as it really is and not as
a machine.

Submitter: I’ve heard of a few different other techniques too — it
seems everybody on youtube for ex. is doing something different. Some
‘become’ one with the object and move it that way. Some others expand the
energy field of the object to ‘allow’ it to move. Another guy had a special
technique where he said all the objects are already moving at super speed
(considering rotation speed & travel speed of the earth, etc.) and you just
need to put ‘bumps’ on their way for them to move. Obviously, this was one
of the more obscure ones! 🙂

Response: There are many ways to make a motor shaft spin. Most rely on
gas driven combustion engines, but trust me, there are much more efficient ways.
The same goes for telekinesis. You will come across many techniques and many may
work. But it is key to decide on 1 technique and follow through.

And it is true that when you open 1 skill, more will follow as they are all
connected. You already understand the bottom line that everything is nothing
more than molecules moving at rapid speeds. And it is scientific fact that the
human brain emits thought energies that can interact with other energies. But to
bypass the assumed limitations of the conscious mind is where the challenge