Telekinesis in General

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Hello there! First off let me say that this article is for those who already have a rock solid belief in telekinesis. This article will not try to prove it or try to explain it. Telekinesis takes a vast amount of time, effort and motivation to achieve.

Personally it took me about three months of on and off practise just to move a piece of paper balanced on a thumbtack (here on referred to as a “psiwheel”). Of course it takes different amounts of effort for different people.

Before I move onto specific techniques let’s talk about objects that are easy to start off on. After all, very few people begin on pens! The psiwheel. Probably the object most practised on. Quite simply it’s a piece of paper (or tinfoil if you’re having trouble) resting on a pin, thumbtack or anything else with a point.