Telekinesis: Learning how to do Telekinesis

Telekinesis is the ability to move or mould objects with the force of psychic power, that is, without using any ordinarily known means of physical force. It is believed that Telekinesis works by the waves of psychic energy
which in concentrated form can push, repel, mould an object or draw it inward.

Every body can do telekinesis by training and developing his/her mental faculties. So if you want to do telekinesis, you must first believe in your hidden potential to succeed in this area.

Have a positive and accepting attitude. With some education, practice with patience and perseverance every body can do telekinesis.

first requisite in doing telekinesis to
be relaxed so as to concentrate on what you are doing.

Certain breathing exercise, yoga and meditation
are quite helpful to relax the mind and make it more focused.

Try to think of your goal over and over again. Just become one with the object.

For example, if you are trying to direct the movement of a candle flame, imagine it to be your limb. Feel as if you can move it as easily as your arm or leg. Keep watching it till you feel it has become an integral part of your body. Flex it and see it grow larger, wider, thinner, taller, shorter, still or flicker. Do this exercise daily for about five to ten minutes and then extinguish the flame.

Another exercise may consist of visualizing in your mind clearly what you want to happen by telekinesis.

For example, if you want to possess something special, see it clearly and think you have possessed it and are enjoying your possession. Or, you may experiment in rolling a pen touching it progressively less and less with a piece of paper and finally making it move without touching it with anything at all. You can place a toothpick in a bowl of water and make it move in the direction you like.

Do not try to force its movement, but let it just happen. It is possible to levitate something upon yourself or off the ground.

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