Does telepathy really exist and is performed by some? Do we have this capability? Many people experiments facts that cannot be explained otherwise except by saying that these facts are coincidences. But what are coincidences? We can say that they are events which seems to be correlated in some way. Does our feeling is right? Why shouldn’t we trust our intuition? If they seems to be correlated, it must means that they are correlated in some way, randomness doesn’t exist. Several facts contribute to this vision. Coincidences seem to be the consequence of some hidden principles.

For example, many real twins (who are coming into existence from the same egg) are feeling connections with their twin brothers. Several statistics have been done and 30% of twins say that they experience several telepathic connections. Twins are linked since their conception. They are what we call entangled in quantum physics. If something is measured on one of them that is also measurable on the other at the exact same time. Experiments have been done on photon particles and it shows the same result as done on two twins. Non-locality is also measurable in the real life. Not only twins experience these connections, a mother and her baby are also entangled. Experiments also show that between a dog and its master, a telepathic connection seems to exist. The dogs seem to use more these connections that their masters do. That say, not all twins, or mother/baby and dog/master are linked like that. But people confident in their connections exhibit incredible connections.

One twin, for example felt in stairs some day and exactly at the same time, his brother felt for no reason. Experiments have also been done in laboratory with strong science methodology. Two twins were studied by a lie detector, one of them receive some psychological shock and instantaneously, its brother felt something. CIA even tried to use twins as spy, while one was the spy, the other was receiving the information instantaneously. Another day, a women felt that she was pregnant. She went to see a doctor who said that it was not in fact the case. She decided to call her twin sister she didn’t call since a long time and ask her if she was pregnant. The other sister see a doctor and it was right, she was pregnant even if she never felt any symptom. Only her twin sister felt the symptoms. Telepathy seems really to exist.