Ten Million John Titors

There’s always been a confounding question surrounding the theory of multiple parallel realities.  While we can simply look at time travel from a purely linear perspective and have a handful of paradoxes such as the grandfather paradox, a branching perception of time that results in multiple different realities for every possibility brings us to a few questions as well.  And if we have one John Titor entering into our world, it’s possible ten million or more could appear suddenly as well.  And yet they don’t.  So if the non-linear branching interpretation of time travel is true, then why don’t we see more time travelers?

John Titor was the name given to an alleged time traveler that began making posts on the internet in 2000 and early 2001.  His account suggests that time is not linear, but branches like a fan on a different level than how we experience reality.  Some have suggested this form of space-time travel would be much like a radio dial interpreting frequency.  Of course this should not be confused with many modern interpretations of electromagnetic frequency but it stands as an allegory to how it might work.

The branching theory of time travel suggests that for every single point of information or energy there are branching realities in every direction based on which position this matter or energy takes next.  Of course given the size of our universe this means there are virtually an infinite number of branching realities being created each second – and have been throughout history.  Furthermore each of these then goes off and creates an infinite number on their own as well – very much like a fractal can create an infinite amount of variation even when it is confined to a limited space.  But if this is true, and travel from one plane of reality to another is possible, then why don’t we have an infinite number filling up the void as they attempt to witness historical events on our reality?

There are several different possibilities.  Of course the first is the likelihood that every time a time traveler drops on our planet it actually creates an alternate reality itself – and therefore an infinite number of variant alternative realities.  This seems to be the most likely possibility.  But it also means if dimensional travel does exist, then for every reality where dimensional travel is not taking place there are an infinite more where very profound effects may be happening on the planet.  It would be similar to someone flipping ten thousand coins and only counting it when all the coins landed heads up.  As a result the likelihood of living in a world unaffected by dimensional travel would be one in a virtually infinite number – each millisecond.  And yet this universe would by its nature exist in an infinite number of variations and be produced at the same rate.

So where are the ten million John Titors?  Why have we not been invaded from beyond the stars?  Perhaps at some point in the ancient pre-Earth days of the universe something else happened to give the universe a sort of order and regulate travel between dimensions.  Or perhaps we’re only now beginning to understand reality in ways far beyond the human scope of imagination – far beyond its scope so far.