Texas Big Cat Causes Big Scare

Less than a week ago the Marshall Police Department’s phones were ringing off the hooks as witnesses called in to report a terrifying mass sighting of an African lion loose at Marshall’s local train station.  As the authorities mobilized, they quickly descended on the area en masse in the hopes of catching the creature, which had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.  This is only the latest in a series of sightings of this nature around the world of big cats appearing where they shouldn’t be.

Dozens of passengers waiting for an Amtrak train spotted the Lion stalking through the tall grass near the station.  Several visitors reported moving inside the station after they confirmed that what they were seeing looked exactly like a 300 lb lion.  Lions are obviously dangerous creatures, though aside from a few high profile cases, so called “man eaters” are relatively rare.  Although they are rare, however, there are several cases of these “man eaters” attacking and killing humans.  It’s estimated that between 1990 and 2005 over 800 Tanzanians were attacked by Lions and many of them were killed.  Due to this and the obviously dangerous characteristics lions have, the local authorities took the claim, although seemingly unusual, very seriously.  Since the incident there have been massive searches for the lion, but no traces have been discovered that seem to prove its existence.

These phantom lions seem to be a growing trend in what was once thought to be a paranormal phenomenon primarily populated by panthers.  The subsequent sighting of several lions even amid a growing series of panther sightings that appear localized primarily in the United Kingdom and the southern half of the United States seems to be reaching epidemic proportions.  And yet despite these sightings, not a single one has been captured or killed.  Additionally, it’s equally strange that these creatures will often appear to several people in dramatic high profile events only to melt into the background as though they were ghosts.  The United Kingdom made a serious inquiry into the events, and there are conflicting reports that suggest the creatures could be real or a form of mass hysteria that doesn’t seem to fit the model depending on the agency reporting the incidents.  It doesn’t seem as though this mystery is going to be any closer to coming to a close any time soon as the number of reports and their dramatic nature continue to increase as though driven by some force thus far unknown.  Another interesting note is that this strange type of sighting continues to grow despite little to no coverage by the mainstream media.

The Marshall Police department announced that it received several reports of a lion in the area, but has been unable to discover where it went or even confirm anything about the sightings aside from eyewitness accounts.  They are currently asking if any exotic pet owners, circuses, or zoos are missing a lion.  So far no one has been announced to have come forward.