Texas Woman Attacked by Chupacabra

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A woman from Dallas Texas is still recovering after an incident where a mysterious creature attacked and bit her on the hand.  The attack has left the woman a firm believer in the mysterious creature known as Chupacabra.  Meanwhile, the creature has been sent to a lab to discover its origin.

The Dallas Fort Worth area is no stranger to appearances from the legendary creature, but some cryptozoologists are surprised to hear the creature exhibited such violent behavior when it was approached by well meaning Staysha Henderson as she approached, thinking the creature was a dog shrouded in shadow in the back of a camper.  She attempted to give the creature water and when it did not drink, she reached her hand out toward it to show she was friendly, thinking it was a dog.  Suddenly the mystery creature lashed out at her, leaping forward and digging into her hand.  Staysha screamed and retreated from the camper.  Her family came to her aid and shot the creature, and Staysha was rushed to a hospital.  Doctors treated her wounds and gave her a rabies shot, but are unsure as of yet what diseases the unidentified creature may have been carrying with it.

Recently there have been several cryptid reports involving the chupacabra that have turned out to be nothing more than dogs in the advanced stages of mange.  Still, Staysha is convinced this creature, whatever it was, was like nothing she had ever seen before.  The creature was certainly emaciated and without fur, but was incredibly violent and hostile perhaps partially due to the fact that it felt cornered.

But this recent report of a chupacabra attack isn’t the first of its kind.  One woman from Pyatigirya village in Rivne was attacked by a bipedal hopping creature with large claws that looked almost like a wolf.  The creature scratched the woman and then sprinted away through a thin layer of snow.  As villagers began amassing to hunt the creature down they discovered a fresh layer of snow had removed all trace that the creature had ever been present aside from the physical and psychological scars left behind on its victim.

Was it nothing more than a simple case of a dog with mange?  Or is there something more to this story that will come out with the comprehensive analysis veterinarians are expected to make of the creature?  If indeed it was a chupacabra or some other unidentified creature that somehow made its way into Dallas, Texas, will it prove to have nothing more than possibly rabies?  Or is there a threat of Staysha contracting another disease from this mysterious creature?

If the creature does turn out to be something more than a simple dog attacking a well meaning caretaker, then it should be noted by cryptozoologists as they go out in the field.  And the gear they carry with them may be not only to observe and identify creatures, but for protection as well.