The Autotrophs

An autotroph is an organism which doesn’t need material food. It gets its nutriment and matter from an outside immaterial source. Most plants are autotroph since they use the sun power to generate their body. Human are normally heterotroph, it means that they need material source of food (other organisms). But we saw all over the world some people stopping drinking and eating. Some even never eat except their mother’s milk, some other stop progressively from a vegan diet to nothing. These people have been studied and scientists don’t really explain it yet.

The most incredible case is a 70 years old Indian yogi, Pralad Djani, who didn’t eat neither drink since the age of 6! He has been studied by India in a laboratory. He was sealed in a room and could not access food neither water. His body was normally functioning. He say that he get water and food from the sky. A Russian girl decided to become autotroph and first stop eating meat (2nd food level) to only eat vegetables (vegan diet). Then she start to not eat food at all neither water. She is studying by Russian scientists for 5 years and her body is also functioning normally.

In fact, every human use what we call “pranic energy” when they are breathing. It is the most important food, then come water and finally vegetables. Some say that we need to eat meat because of the need of the vitamin B12. In fact, it can be found in beer yeast for example. Furthermore, many vegan don’t absorb vitamin B12 and are still alive and in good shape. Studies show that vegan are building their own vitamin B12 in their body so they don’t need anymore the vitamin. Some say that it explains the autotroph behavior: their body are building each needed nutriment from the pranic energy they get from breathing or other source.

The pranic energy can also come from cosmic rays. In fact, some say that it is the principal energy source for human and that we don’t need other food. In Australia, a woman stop eating for years and say that she get energy from the sky and the Sun. An other Indian yogi also says that he gets energy from the Sun while staring at it directly with the naked eyes (which is usually assumed to result in blindness!). The first words of a baby born in India was that he didn’t need food but was getting energy from the cosmic rays, then his mother stopped eating him. Are autotrophs the next evolution in human?