The Bermuda Triangle – One of Ten !

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For many, many years the Devil’s Triangle, commonly known as the Bermuda Triangle, has remained a mystery.  There are a total of ten areas that are triangular-shaped exactly as this triangle is.  The two most active triangles are the Bermuda Triangle, off the U.S. Coast, and the Devil’s Sea, off the coast of Japan. These areas are widely known for their paranormal occurrences, such as vanishing planes and ships.


Is it a mystery or can a logical answer explain what is happening in these areas?  Hundreds of studies have been conducted on these areas blaming the events on one thing or another.  For example, Bill Dillon, a Geologist in the United States, claims that these strange happenings are not mysterious at all and are nothing more than the bottom of the sea collapsing causing gas hydrate pockets that suck anything on the water into the water as he states in this report. (See http://woodshole.er.usgs.gov/project-pages/hydrates/bermuda.html )


There are a few facts that are not commonly known.  The ten triangles, that are known to have had these types of strange events, are all displayed on a map together at this site http://www.crystalinks.com/bermuda.html.  Do you see anything common about them?  First, they are perfectly proportionate to each other.  Secondly, the placement or location of each is the same distance from the equator in reference to the others.  Thirdly, the two most common triangles are located right on the border of a landmass.  This fact has to be coupled with another to make it even more understandable.


What happens when a warm front and a cool front collide? A storm forms, right?  Who is to say that ocean currents aren’t the same?  The Bermuda Triangle and the Devil’s Sea are both located in an area with a large amount of change in the water temperature as you can see at this site http://seawifs.gsfc.nasa.gov/OCEAN_PLANET/HTML/oceanography_currents_1.html.  For example, the temperature of the water in the Bermuda Triangle range from very cold to very warm because of the artic waters colliding with the water coming up from the equator which probably causes the same effect as storm masses.  This could very easily create huge amounts of underwater “lightening.”


To make this easier to understand, think about your hair dryer, which runs off of electricity.  If you drop it on the floor, what happens?  Probably nothing, it continues to run, but nothing majors occurs.  Now, what if you drop it into a bathtub full of water?  It completely magnetizes the entire bathtub in a matter of seconds.  This effect is an explanation that would definitely make sense of the magnetization experiences described around the Bermuda Triangle.


Here is another thought the compass.  One end of a piece of metal is magnetized, which is supposed to and does point toward the North Pole.  What does this have to do with anything?  Albert Einstein said that the North Pole’s force was a huge unknown, because a compass always points there, but there is no way to measure the force that creates this magnetism.  So, once again is it not hard to believe that a couple or a few currents could create a force large enough to sink a ship or bring down a plane and suck it into the depths of the ocean.  I don’t think so.  Plus, all of the reports of planes and ships disappearing show that as they were flying or sailing, their navigational equipment went haywire.  Wow!  It doesn’t sound so crazy anymore.


Another theory is that aliens are there and there is some kind of experimentation going on or something to that effect.  Could this be true?  Maybe”¦this magnetism acts like a rod.  If you look again at this site http://www.crystalinks.com/bermuda.html, you see that the triangles on this map don’t show the latitudes and longitudes, but you can compare it to any map that does show them.  You will see that placing anything through the earth can connect the triangles.  Think about the North and South poles.  You can stick a piece of dowel rod through the center of a globe and if you enter through the North or South Pole, the rod will come out at the opposite pole.  It is the same way with these triangles.  You can enter the globe at one and exit the globe though another.


Why is this important?  All of the information above shows a couple probable hypotheses about possible alien activity.  These magnetic poles running through the earth could act as a transmitter for an alien planet billions of light years away.  It is possible with the amount of energy that is located in these areas.  There might be an alien race on a different planet homing in on this energy and watching us to see how intelligent we are.  You never know.  This could be how alien sightings were started.  They homed in on a magnetic wave and followed it.


The aliens may even be tapped into our television frequencies, etc.  The mother alien is probably sitting in her cabin right now watching the new show “Invasions” and laughing at the soap opera.  It could happen.


It doesn’t really matter what causes these phenomena, only that they occur.  So, try to steer clear of them and maybe one day we will find out the truth about them.  For right now, God only knows the truth or maybe the Devil does, after all they named it the Devil’s Triangle.