The Bermuda Triangle’s Lesser Known Twin

The Bermuda Triangle has been a source for stories since it was first traveled by Columbus in 1492.  And since the first reports of strange activity were logged by Columbus and his crew, there have been hundreds of other strange reports to come out from this wide swath of ocean that reportedly has a connection to another world.  But there is another place this area seems to have a connection to, and its counterpart is just as mysterious – if not more – on the other side of the planet.

The Devil or Dragon’s Triangle, as it has been called, is a source for much storytelling and even more mystery since it was first sailed upon hundreds of years ago.  And the area has a reputation for exhibiting many of the strange signs that the Bermuda Triangle does in different ways.

One way this strange area of ocean has been appearing to defy the laws of physics and nature is by its claiming of dozens of ships and hundreds of lives.  Many reports of sea monsters of the bygone era have been generated with the Dragon’s Triangle as its focal point.  And there is one other mystery that seems to suggest something else is going on beneath the waves and in the skies of this strange and wondrous place.  If you were to take the exact center of the Bermuda Triangle and run it through the center of the Earth ending up on the other side, you would come out at exactly the other side with the exit located at the exact center of the Dragon’s Triangle.

Such a coincidence hardly seems enough to justify forever that something supernatural is going on in the strange territory, but there is certainly a great deal of speculation that the Bermuda Triangle and the mysterious and accursed Devil’s Triangle share a common bond of strangeness and have both become massive graveyards of ships in their own times.  Of course many use the term ‘Bermuda Triangle’ and Devil’s Triangle interchangeably unaware of the history and vast tradition of mystery that awaits on the other side of the globe.

Surrounding the Penghu Islands of Taiwan, this area is commonly referred to as the resting place for an ancient alien base that may be in operation even today far beneath the sea.  IN 2008 a plane on a training mission was lost and disappeared in the region much like the flight of planes that went missing at the close of World War II.  But are these places truly cursed?  Or is there something much more mundane going on?

While the stories do appear to have far more dramatic claims attributed to them, the actual disappearances of ships going on in both locations don’t seem much more frequent than anywhere else in the world.  Insurance companies, financing ships that regular both the Dragon’s Triangle and the Bermuda Triangle offer the same rates as everywhere else.  Of course the real numbers behind how many ships are lost at sea are incomplete, and could hide a more all-encompassing and disturbing mystery.