The Black Cat DC

When looking into the prospect of ghosts and the paranormal, many people suggest that ghosts are seen only by those who are at the edge of reality to begin with, saying they are nothing more than hallucinations of the troubled mind.  If that was the case, where would be the last place you would expect to see a ghost?  The secret service of the United States are some of the best trained individuals this country has ever seen, undergoing massive amounts of mental testing prior to their employment.  Trained in observation and most of them possessing photographic memories, if one of them were to tell you they saw a ghost would you believe it?

The White House has a long history of hauntings, but none seem quite so harrowing as the highly prophetic DC that occasionally stalks the lower levels beneath the white house.  Many would suggest DC stands for “District of Columbia” as the state’s name is suggested.  There are those, however, that know better.  The nickname DC that the cat has had for so many years stands for Demon Cat.

The creature is said to lay dormant most of the time, rarely showing its face so that most of those working within The White House don’t even know of its existence.  But once every few administrations, DC makes an appearance shortly before a major catastrophe as the legend goes.  The cat appeared just before many of the United States’ major national tragedies.  The trail of tales suggests it was aware of everything from the death of John F. Kennedy to September 11, 2001.  And the incidents themselves are not minor ones.

A typical encounter will happen to a guard who has not been informed of DC’s existence.  They will be walking the halls and suddenly a black cat will appear.  Suspecting a stray the guard will typically approach and quickly realize that the creature is no normal cat as its eyes begin to glow and it becomes larger until it is close to the size of a panther.  There are accounts of weapons being discharged in reaction to sighting the creature, guards quitting their jobs, and replacements being difficult to find after the incidents.  For this reason it is largely kept secret.  With the treatment the national media gives to paranormal incidents, it’s difficult to imagine how a ghost sighting in the white house by some of the most important guards in the world would be perceived.  But still the accounts are logged by someone as it is often an important indicator that something drastic is about to happen in the world.

So if there really is a creature walking the halls of the Whitehouse in a strange state of phantasmagoria between worlds, what is it a ghost of?  Would a simple cat be so inclined to warn the white house staff in such a menacing way in order to better protect its leaders?  Or is it a sort of thought-form given life by an institution itself?  Such creatures are better known as egregores, and are essentially a collective thought given the ability to manifest as a personality.  Perhaps DC is not demonic at all, but rather a protective entity taking the symbol of the cats that once lived in the White House to protect it from diseased rats.  Perhaps the creature wishes only to protect those in the white house by warning them of impending disasters.  And a cute kitten may be easy enough to ignore, but a supernatural panther-like creature would be hard to miss in a dark hallway in the middle of the night.