The Catania Clock Catastrophe

A cantankerous clock catastrophe is unfolding in the city of Catania in Sicily as thousands are reporting their own clocks are proving unusually unreliable.  And as more are noticing something strange is going on with their clocks, they’re comparing it to another series of strange incidents that recently took place in Sicily – when thousands of household objects started catching fire for no discernable reason.  Could they be linked to the same phenomenon?  And will this time discrepancy spread in our interconnected world?

As we look into the goings on in Catania the first question that comes to mind is, “Why only in Catania?”  If there was something distorting how clocks work, why would it be localized to one city?  The answer might be that we’re seeing it elsewhere, but it might not be recognized.  Currently clocks are all being pushed forward by anywhere from five to 20 minutes unexplainably and authorities are still scratching their heads over the matter.

Furthermore, there have been anecdotal reports of the “time surge” happening elsewhere as well – though they are not linked to any central event.  It may not necessarily be connected to any shift in the actual spacetime continuum as we understand it, but a common phenomenon affecting clocks.  And while there have been unconfirmed reports of analog clocks being affected, the lion’s share of the clocks seem to be digital in origin.

Why are digital clocks being affected so much?  Why are we seeing such a change now?  And could it be affected by power surges happening within the city?  That’s precisely what Andrea De Luca and Francesco Nicosia suggest may be one of the causes.  The two have been researching the strange phenomenon since it first appeared earlier this year.  And while they aren’t saying it’s definitely being caused by a power surge affecting appliances, they did note that submarines may have caused a power surge when they went through the process of restoring power.

Of course there are other theories as well, including a chance appearance by the Greys who are said to be affecting the electrical systems in the area either incidentally or by design as their ships pass overhead.  And while it may seem implausible, there have been documented cases of UFOs affecting power ranging from automobiles (as was the case in several alien abduction accounts) all the way up to the power infrastructures of entire cities (documented during the Northeast Blackout of 1965.  And while UFO reports are often anecdotal, there is currently no map charting both the appearance of UFOs and the clock phenomenon as it is still in its early stage.  Will it continue to spread and become more dramatic?  Or will it simply end when its time has come?