The Chupacabra Part II

When it comes to the first reports associated with Chupacabra attacks, it is often recorded to have taken place in Puerto Rico around March of 1995. In regards to the first attack, eight sheep turned up dead. There were three puncture wounds decorating the chest region and all of the blood was drained out of their bodies. In this article, you will encounter additional descriptions of incidents that may have involved the Chupacabra.

At the time, the incident was compared to a similar occurrence that took place in the small town of Moca in 1975 , dubbed the handiwork of the “Vampire of Moca.” While in the beginning, it was thought that the killings were the result of Satanic cult rituals, but more deaths were reported about the island, where numerous farms were experiencing animal loss. One thing was in common , each one of the animals had all of the blood drained out of their body , escaping from a couple of small circular incisions.

Significant Sightings

Throughout the years, there have been various sightings of the Chupacabra, including:

July 2004 , A rancher living close to San Antonio, Texas kills a dog-like creature with no hair , responsible for attacking his livestock. At first, the animal received the named of the Elmenforf beast, but after DNA testing was conducted , proved to be a coyote suffering from a bad case of sarcoptic mange. In Texas, additional sightings were reported. One taking place in October of 2004 and another that involved the capture of a creature that was described as a cross between a kangaroo, rat, and dog.

April 2006 , Russian news cites that the Chupacabra was sighted for the first time in the central part of the country. Headlines report that in March of 2005, a beast known for killing animals and sucking out their blood was becoming a menace in the region. In one night, 32 turkeys met an untimely death and were drained of their blood. Other reports flooded in, stating that nearby villages saw the death of 30 sheep with drained blood. It was stated that eyewitnesses described the Chupacabra as the culprit. Experts vowed in May of 2006 to track down the animal responsible for the above incidents.

August 2006 , In the middle of August, a Maine resident by the name of Michelle O’Donnell gave the deatilas of a rodent-like animal that looked quite “evil.” It had fangs and she claimed to have found it dead by the roadside and seemed to have been hit by a car. Photos were taken of the creature and although it showed canine-like features , there didn’t seem to be an animal that matched its description as something living in the area.

May 2007 , Columbian news reports are in awe of more than 300 dead sheep located in the Boyaca region. Headlines state that a possible culprit was caught and sent for analysis by zoologists situated at the Universidad Nacional of Colombia.

January 2008 , Word of sightings to have taken place at the province of Capiz (located in the Philippines) surfaced. It seems that a couple of the residents are convinced that the Chupacabra is responsible for the deaths of eight chickens. Reports state that the owner of the animals caught sight of an animal with a dog-like appearance attacking his chickens.