The Curse of Batsquatch

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Believe it or not, this is actually the name that has actually been attributed to a creature that has been spotted repeatedly near Mt. Saint Helens since mid 1980.  The creature is said to be a primate-like creature with massive bat wings and a purplish skin color.  Upon first hearing the Batsquatch legend, many cryptozoologists find themselves doing a double take, but there are several accounts of the creature suddenly appearing before hikers and mountain climbers.

The physical description of the Batsquatch is strange even for a cryptozoological creature, between its glowing red eyes, its purple skin, and its leathery bat wings, and the creature is given a wide berth in many circles of paranormal investigators who believe in the strange and unusual, but consider the story of the purple winged primate to be just a little on the too strange side.  Still, that hasn’t stopped several witnesses from observing the creature over the years.  When Mt. Saint Helens errupted several witnesses reported that it had actually flown from the smoke and was even photographed.

So if the Batsquatch is real, and not just a tall tale spun up by hunters on and around Mt. Saint Helens, then what could it possibly be?  And would it be possible for a large primate creature to actually sustain flight with massive bat wings?  Some have pointed to the size of the creature, suggesting anything that large would not be able to become airborne.  Of course the Pterodactyl was known to have a wing-span of over 40 feet at times and larger specimens have been uncovered to have been larger than the Sasquatch sized creature.

Sightings of the Batsquatch have often been accompanied by reports of animal disappearances and mutilations.  It’s said that the Batsquatch is carnivorous, though it could also be an omnivore.  In fact, if it shared traits with other primates this seems quite likely.  But if the creature really did exist, how would it avoid being seen over the course of several years as it soared through the sky on leathery purple bat wings?  It seems fairly high profile for a monster that has eluded sighting on a mass scale.  Proponents of the Batsquatch legend suggest the creature largely sticks to the unpopulated regions of Mt. Saint Helens’ forests in which there is plenty of space to hide and generally does not fly to an altitude where it can be seen by casual observers far away.

It seems like a cryptozoologist would have to be fairly open minded when considering the story of Batsquatch, but stories of encounters with the creature are not humorous, but often told with an air of mystery and fright.  But without high profile events such as those that surround the Mothman or the Jersey Devil, Batsquatch remains more of a local legend than a creature of international infamy.  Of course those who do find themselves hiking in the forests of Mt. Saint Helens will often keep an ear out after hearing of the creature, just in case they catch the sound of massive bat wings on the wind.