The Enigma of the Green Children

During Stephen of England’s reign, he encountered many tasks that would call him to action and require him to act carefully to ensure the survival of England.  But in the years of his reign one thing would enter his court that would leave him entirely unprepared, and even perplex historians and experts who tell of it again today.  This one thing is the arrival of the green children.

It all began in Woolpit, famous for its various wolf traps as the workers in the field were slashing their reaping implements back and forth in the harvest season.  Harvesting was hard work, and it was important to work constantly from dawn till dusk reaping as much of the material as possible before the insects got to it.  But everyone within sight would drop their scythes and approach a strange sight as it crawled out from one of the nearby trenches.  Two children were approaching them.  Their clothes were described as coming from a strange unknown material, but otherwise they seemed human, but their skin was green in hue.  The farmers decided the children were lost and asked them to say where they had been from.  The sound emitting from their mouths emitting from their mouths was far different than any language they had ever heard before.  It was strange a foreigner would be so deep in the country, they decided and Sir Richard de Caine decided the king had to be informed of this strange occurrence.  By the time the children reached the king they had not eaten, and were bordering on starving.  The king brought them the only meal they were able to stomach: raw beanstalks.

The king, amused and perplexed by their strange appearance and the mystery surrounding their origin and had them taken care of.  The days grew into months, and he attempted to teach them English.  Eventually the girl would learn, but the boy was unable to due to a mysterious illness  that eventually claimed his life.  The surviving girl became a woman and even learned to speak the language of her benefactors, adopting the name Agne Barre, and even taking a husband for a short period of time before being left a widow.

After learning English, one of the first things asked of her was where she had come from.  As though recalling a memory from across a great gulf, she told the world of her homeland.  It was called The Land of St. Martin, and was a world of eternal night where the sun never crested over the horizon.  Still, a civilization of sorts somehow still survived and even thrived, utilizing herding animals and mysterious plants as food sources that are unheard of to this day.  And for whatever reason, everyone in this world had a green color to them.  But as is the classic tale of the time, the children became entranced by something that drew them away from their home and they found themselves in England where they would live to the rest of their days.  Though she looked, she was never able to retrace her steps and bring herself back to her home.  Where was this world located?  Is it possible that a subterranean colony somehow existed in the area and simply went unnoticed by historians even to this day?  This case will remain a mystery for quite some time.