The Flying Platform

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Re: Claim of Flying Platform

Jerry Wayne Decker ( [email protected] )
Mon, 10 Jan 2000 10:37:12 -0800 (PST) Hi Folks!

We took Grebennikov at his word, choosing to
investigate what we could based on his claims,

that it really is a flying platform and is not
illusion or hallucination (refer to photo of the
device in flight), here are some notes from the work
we had been doing to analyze the claims of

The initial discovery was with regard to the honeycomb
structure and later went to what he calls the ‘cover’
of one insect (apparently relating to Chitin).

He also says cellulose (wood) and chitin (insect
carapaces, shells, etc.) are the two most prolific
organic materials in the world and both have this
peculiar energy field.

He says a sensation of heat is produced by this
material or shape and it can only be detected by hand,
not with any thermometer or instrumentation.

It could be a kind of mini-cloudbuster since the
correlations to orgone boxes are similar, i.e.,
organic accumulator, production of heat, tube shape.

Possibly uses acoustics or follows waveguide
principles as in Chucks article at;

Indicates time is slowed in the presence of this

Indicates partial invisibility when in flight due to
light being spread around the device to rejoin at the
bottom, much like the movie Predator, producing a
slight distortion to the viewer.

He laces the entire document with references to
psychic abilities, sensitivity and even reports that
when he was in flight, he thinks he was reported as
UFO sightings in nearby countries.

To date I have not been able to detect any heat from
rolled film cones or a paper tube or paper shaped into
a hex tube, closed or open, however, I don’t consider
myself psychic and am probably too much of a redneck
to have that ‘sensitivity’….

It bothers me immensely when a claimed effect cannot
be QUANTIFIED as in measured with instrumentation
completely devoid of human belieds and SUBJECTIVE or
emotional desires.

However, if it flies, it flies and that’s hard to
dispute. The entire story and webpage is quite
fascinating but to date, none of the claims have been
reproduced to my knowledge.

That’s what we DON’T need, another mythical story
where it is being claimed as PROVEN (as with the Hamel
material circulating now that is simply untrue, Hamel
is known for two claims of phenomena, a self-running
magnetic drum, later hybridized to the flying machine,
NEITHER of which has been PROVEN by anyone working
with or parallel to Hamel…that’s the FACT).

I’d hate to see a lot of claims of proof being made
for this flying platform stuff when the facts don’t
YET support it…


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