The Grand Piano Mystery

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Something fishy’s going as a Grand Piano mysteriously appeared out of nowhere upright and sitting on the beach.  If it were simply a guitar or a drum-set it may have simply been carried by the waves, but some are saying the sight of a piano out in the middle of a sandbar with no tracks leading up to it is somewhat of a mystery.  And believe it or not this singular enigmatic grand piano has caused quite a bit of dischord since it first appeared.

Some viewing photographs of the strange instrument which looked like it could have simply washed up on shore completely upright and ready to be played thought it could have been left as a prank.  The city of Miami soon began a massive guessing game.  Rumors that it was actually a legendary instrument of folkore spread like wildfire along with the mystery.

Rumors came from every direction.  From the prop in a movie to a mysterious artifact from hell, every story this piano touched turned to gold.  Internet forums and chatrooms were abuzz with the story of the strange instrument with no known origin, entirely mundane in every respect except when you played a certain tune on it – something came out of the water looking for you.  Of course the mystery had unfolded quickly enough that many people wondered how it could have generated such a folklore so quickly, but the answer seems clear enough: that’s one of the ways we deal with mystery.

Soon news crews and distant onlookers descended on the instrument and some even tried playing it on camera.  Fortunately nothing came out of the water, but the speculation was enough to keep the mystery alive until someone tragically solved it.  At least that’s what initial reports suggest.  And video evidence.  And additional witnesses.

The piano was by no means the greatest mystery of the year so far, but one which seemed so randomly conceived it bore mentioning in newspapers and on late night news shows from coast to coast.  And despite the fact that no one correctly guessed what it could have been, perhaps the mystery itself was enough.  Now the piano sits idly by the sea alone, its ivory keys grinning at the coast – itself a relic to a mystery that flashed through print in a time when ideas come and go with the tide.

But for the short time it was an enigma it caused quite a stir and though it played no music as it stood there on a sandbar surrounded by water, news crews and onlookers danced an elaborate ballet while the unchoreographed speculation swam on.  The story, eventually reaching a full crescendo in the form of young Nicholaus Harrington, who worked with his father to set the piano on fire, toss it into a canal, then drag it to the sand bar afterward to be the spotlight of an epic music video that never ended up happening.  It’s always what you least expect.