The Great Pyramid of Giza, User Submitted Response

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In response to the article located here: https://www.unexplainable.net/ancients/the-great-pyramids-built-by-aliens-or-egyptians.php 

Like you say about the pyramids lots is unbelievable, but i also think that
you should take a few other things into consideration. The sarcophagus that the
pharow is always buried in was made out of granite (like marble) and takes 2000
tons to do anything to. These sarcophaguses were carved and smoothed perfectly.
In this day and age we would have difficulties to do this. The stars were
studied day in and out to tell the common folk what was going to happen and when
and to create superstition.

The room that the pharow is in has a window that points to the north star,
and is off by mare seconds (which is due to the change in the earths axis).

The Egyptians show nothing of creating math, so where did it come from? No
one can say that Egyptians figured it out. Greeks didn’t, because it was long
before there time. In the time when Anthony and Cleopatra were together, Anothy
had a library of his own, and before the empire fell he made a boat and sailed
it out, and it landed where the Greeks were.

I have lots more information and if you would like anything feel free to
email me back.

My name is Alain J. I’m 15 years old and am in 10th grade

Thanks for your time,