The Hamel Flying Disc: The Poor Mans’ Searl Disc

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The Hamel Flying Disc
aka : The Poor Mans’ Searl Disc



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One of the most incredible discoveries in our time has been unheralded and is only known to a small group of people who study such matters. It pertains to the closest duplication of UFO flight characteristics and power sources that I have seen in many years of studies in attempts to ascertain how to duplicate them for practical use.


The principal players in this story;

David Hamel – inventor and contactee who built several magnetically self-driven devices which produced phenomena ranging from energy production to flight

Pierre Sinclaire – private researcher, businessman, co-author and investigator who first met and worked with Hamel to verify and try to duplicate the phenomena through Project Magnet.

Jeanne Manning – writer and author specializing in the coverage of activities relating to new energy researchers and their discoveries

For full details of the David Hamel story, I recommend you purchase a copy of the book,

‘The Granite Man and the Butterfly’


written by Jeanne Manning. All income from the book is used to sponsor Project Magnet, Pierre Sinclairs’ effort to carry out a controlled duplication of the phenomena first investigated by inventor David Hamel.

Each book is $11.99 plus $5.00 for shipping outside Canada ($16.99 total).

Additional donations to Project Magnet are much appreciated!

Order from :

Project Magnet / BOX 839 / 9037 Royal Street / Fort Langley, British Columbia / Canada V1M 2S2

Pierre’s InterNet email address is [email protected]

Please understand he is quite busy working on Project Magnet, so MAKE YOUR QUESTIONS COUNT, THANKS!



Inspiration – where the idea came from

While watching television with his wife and housekeeper, David Hamel experienced a sort of ‘waking trance’ in which he was mentally transported to an alien ship. (The book gives a more detailed description of other observations, but for our purposes, we will stick to the magnetic drive technology.) Noticing a vibration within the ship, Hamel asked what caused it. The ship was constructed around two large cones, with the wide ends on the bottom. One cone was supported on the top of the other and suspended by magnets and pinions.

Basic Explanation of the principle

A tornado-like rushing of air moved up through the ship to produce a tremendous friction. The cone within cone wobbled at high speed and were kept continuously off-balance. As the cones wobbled and the air rushed between them, lightning-like flash es appeared between them. Hamel was shown the outside rim of the ship, where numerous openings served to allow the in and out motion of the air as it rushed between the wobbling cones. These air openings controlled not only the amount of air but the direction of flow. As the air was moved at high velocities through the gap between the wobbling cones, it became ionized to produce a stream of charged particles. The cones not only produced energy but also provided propulsion. This was accomplished by a small weighted ball, rolling in circular path in a restricted space. The circular movement of this ball appeared to have a falling motion, always seeking equilibrium. The upper area of the cones were suspended on magnetic parts which were kept unbalanced to sustain the disruption of equilibrium to produce the wobbling effect.

Imagine a horizontal disk, suspended on point, forever falling or tilting sideways as a metal ball rolled forward on its rim. This produced the graceful fluttering effect which Hamel likened to ‘a butterfly above a magnetic field.’ The magnets would not wear out because they were suspended on a magnetic field. Movement of the cones produced an electro-gravitational field to cause the ship to lose its connection with gravity, thereby neutralizing it’s ‘weight’. Movement of the ship could be controlled by pulling the ball out of rotation. Hamel was given the term ‘weight into speed’ to help remember what he was being shown. The aliens informed Hamel they had given this technology to our ancestors many times over history and we would find evidences of it as historical artifacts and in legends. Hamel was also told we used energy technology which produced heat as it dissipated the energy. The natural way was to produce cooling by use of implosion forces, rather than explosion.

Inital experiment

Eventually, after much thought, consideration and research, Hamel decided to try to duplicate the cone within cone system. Using bicycle rims as the base support for his aluminum sided cones, magnets were held onto the sides with electrical tape. When the magnets were taped just right, they produced a rejection force. A 45 gallon steel barrel was lined with magnets on the inside to create a magnetic suspension zone. The cone within cone arrangement was placed inside this barrel. Once everything was aligned, Hamel screwed down the cover of the barrel. The cones were floating on a repelling magnetic field produced by the magnets on the lower rim of the cones. When a larger magnet was pressed down onto the top cone, a tumbling motion was created which caused the floating cones to wobble in a circular motion, in a constrained path, at an ever increasing speed. At a certain speed, the vibration stabilized, much like the smooth rotation of a properly balanced, rotating tire on your car.

Shortly after closing the barrel and due to the lateness of the hour, Hamel and his wife went to bed. Within a a brief period, they were awakened by a loud bang, followed the dull red glow of what appeared to be a fire from the room with the barre l. On investigation, Hamel found the barrel had exploded into pieces strewn all over the room. (Pierre told me the barrel had IMPLODED because the barrel was caved in. This fits with the implosion theory and the idea that magnetic energy ATTRACTS TO itself while electricity REPELS FROM itself.) Further experiments with the suspended cones produced unusual energy effects such as scrambling television reception, fogging photographic film or causing double exposures when a photo was attempted.

Most Advanced Experiment

The next major step, after many smaller experiments, involved the construction of a saucer shaped cone within cone mechanism which was 7 feet, 3 inches in diameter, with a height of 3.5 feet. It was situated on a platform reached by a 16 foot ladd er. At 11PM one evening, Hamel screwed down the garbage can lid that compressed the top magnet to make the cones wobble. He noticed a glow and a sudden wind being sucked into the craft. Fearing for what would happen next, Hamel climbed down the ladder and removed it for safety. His wife yelled that the TV set had gone out again, followed by a power failure that had plunged the neighborhood into darkness. Hamel ran into the now dark house to get his Brownie camera and as he reached the door on his way back outside, the craft was glowing red and changing to green as it rose off the suspended platform. As it continued to rise, the color went to blue, then bright white as it shot off up into the air and out towards space. Hamel managed to get 12 photographs as the craft rose, though the most spectacular are in a series of five.

Current Research Effort

Pierre Sinclair has vowed to build a working model and secure a patent in David Hamels’ name. Both feel this technology is critical to the survival of humankind on our world as indicated by Hamel’s contact with the aliens.

Why Project Magnet is so important

Hamel was told, “In twenty more years everything on earth will be devastated. It’s the magnetic that will change. I was told that when the lineup of the planets and THE SECOND SUN passes for three days and three nights in front of our sun and blacks it out, the magnetic will change. Between the years 2000 and 2005.” There is no question our technology has far outstripped our responsible use of energy and environmental resources. Project Magnet will provide a new energy resource as well as a radical new means of flight. For those who study such matters, this is the same principle claimed by John Searl yet achieved in quite a different manner. Where Searl uses rotating magnetic rings, Hamel uses compression of magnetic energy in a constrained environment to produce the ionizing effect coincident to energy accumulation and flight.




It is obvious that the phenomena discovered (or shown to him, take your pick) by Hamel is identical to that of John Searl of England. Where Searl requires $10,000 to build just one magnet, Hamel used Radio Shack magnets in his drum prototype and more expensive, higher flux density magnets in the levity experiment. The entire thing seems to revolve around some mysterious phenomena which occurs when energy is condensed into a given space and not allowed to freely radiate/expand. The ‘aliens’ said the technology was foreign to our ‘modern’ science yet we would see evidence of it in archeological artefacts if we could only comprehend the technology. Many ancient records speak of flying machines, incredible weapons and other remarkable claims that we cannot see as being remotely possible based on our idea that their technological abilities were quite limited. This of course, when compared with our achievements.

For example, we have seen references to a ‘liquid electricity’ which was produced from water. The closest understanding we have to this using modern discoveries is the storage of high volumes of electrical energy in a DeWar flask of liquid helium. The helium sloshes around and becomes denser as more power is stored in the bottle. A KeelyNet file called POWERING.ASC speaks of using giant rings of supercooled superconducting material to hold vast amounts of electrical energy in a circulating current.

Hamel found (as did Searl) that a rapidly rotating magnetic disc would continually speed up on its own. Just as Searl claims to have done, Hamel wanted to put a governor on the device, to prevent it from taking off into the stratosphere. Except in Hamels’ case, he wanted to embed the thing in concrete. One of the correlations Searl found that Hamel and other gravity researchers might find of use in controlling this ever accelerating rotation is the use of the horizontal scanning frequency from a video camera. Searl says his rotating disc slowed down when in the presence of a video camera, though worked fine around movie film. He realized it must be one or more frequencies from the camera which he later used to control the rotational velocity. Perhaps Hamel and others can use this observation to further accelerate (no pun intended) their research efforts. When this technology has been duplicated, in a controlled environment as Pierre Sinclair is now attempting to do, it will lead to an entirely new world for all of us.



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