The Mansi Photograph

Lake Champlain’s version of the Loch Ness Monster is appropriately nicknamed “Champ.” This creature has been described as resembling a plesiosaur, which is supposed to have been extinct for about 65 million years. This large specimen with a long neck has been the subject of many sightings with one of the most well-known pieces of evidence stemming from a photo dubbed “The Mansi Photograph.”


During July 1977, a couple in Connecticut was spending vacation time in the Vermont area. Anthony and Sandra Mansi were positioned a little past St. Alban’s Bay, which can be found close to the Canadian border. The family stopped in this area so that the children may take a break in the waters of Lake Champlain.


Parked close to the lake, the family walked about 100 to 200 feet away from their car, traveled down a 6-foot bank and reached the waterline. The children dove into the water and Mansi hiked back to the car to grab his sunglasses, as well as his camera. During his absence, his wife spotted bubbles forming in the water about 150 feet away from where they were. She then recalled sighting a large animal lift its head from the water, displaying a small head, long neck and humped back. She would later describe the creature as something that belonged in prehistoric times.


Mr. Mansi returned just in time to view the creature with his own eyes. The children, who had their backs turned towards the creature, were called out of the water and never spotted the creature. Sandra retrieved the camera from her husband and was able to take one picture before the creature sank back into the water. The couple claimed that the sighting lasted for about 2-4 minutes.


Believing that they would not be taken seriously, the Mansis did not share this experience with the public. The photograph that had been taken was pasted in a family album for safekeeping. It had developed quite well. Over the years, the negative had been misplaced or lost. One day, while conversing with friends at work, Mrs. Mansi revealed the photograph. A buzz soon developed and when word reached a social studies teacher in New York, the couple was contacted.


With the permission of the Mansis, the teacher brought the photograph to the attention of a variety of animal experts. Several different analyses were conducted on the photograph and it was concluded that the photo had not been altered in any way to create the suggestion that such a creature exists. Details such as the pattern of the waves around the creature were even taken into consideration. Various formulas were attempted to gauge how large the creature was, but since there was an absence in vital points of reference, this calculation could not be completed.


Some believe that the photo was a hoax, while many feel that it is the real deal, but for now the Mansi photograph remains an important piece of evidence towards proofing the existence of “Champ.”