The Milk Drinking Statues

Unexplainable events occur often but people forget about them and scientists don’t try to review their theories so they can explain the facts. Here is an example: In India, on September 21 in 1995, a man had a dream depicting Ganesha, the elephant god asking for milk. When he wake up, he went to the nearest temple and give milk to the Ganesha statue. Incredibly, the statue drank the milk. This spread quickly from temple to temple and encouraging many people to go and offer milk to the statue. It has been noted that it was not specific to one statue, but to statues in every temple– even outside India– in Africa, America, and Europe.People from various religions tried it with success, even skeptic people. Thousand of pints of milk were sucked up by statues. In just a few hours, the phenomenon was the center of attention and news all over the world talked about the mysterious event.

People in their homes possessing their own statue or pictures gave milk to them and were shocked to find the phenomenon worked. Even statues made out of glass or very tiny stues were accepting the milk offered. Some people went to temple just to see it and then became convinced of the truth. The younger generation was greatly impressed by the power of God, and there are some people who predict that India will become more spiritual with this new generation. It is incredible that some scientists wanted to prove that this event and believed that it could be explained using their current theories and claimed that there was nothing exceptional in these events. They were wrong.

Some scientists tried to explain this event by talking of capillarity (like when wood absorbs water). They say that the milk didn’t disappear (which is right: maybe a god used it somewhere 🙂 but was instead absorbed by the statues through means of capillarity. What they forgot it is that this milk phenomenon had never happened before and it can’t be reproduced nowadays. Furthermore, some hundred of pints of milk have been disappeared in some statues as small as twelve by six inches. It is simply impossible. Some tried to explain it as a global hallucination but it remains without explanation of how these hallucination can work. If we can’t explain, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist or it is a hallucination. Our eyes can see only to a certain distance, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing beyond. It is the same for our mind.