The Mothman at Chernobyl

The Chernobyl disaster was one of the greatest ecological disasters to ever strike the world in the 20th century.  With countless lives affected both directly and indirectly by the fallout from the event the world would soon consider the name of the town itself synonymous with the hubris of mankind and the disasters that can befall us thanks to modern science.  But shortly before the fateful events taking place in the Chernobyl nuclear plant a mysterious entity entered the town.  One that many to this day say bears a disturbing resemblance to the Mothman.

After the citizens of Chernobyl were lost and records were scattered, official investigations into the paranormal events that took place there were difficult, and the witnesses were soon lost in the shuffle after the events.  But a few documents and stories were recovered that suggested what the creature may have looked like.  And those descriptions are almost perfectly analogous to those described by witnesses in Point Pleasant in 1966 and 1967.

The creature was said to have no head, but was described with eyes.  Large red piercing eyes were reported by frightened witnesses in cases that ranged everywhere from fevered nightmares to accounts of multiple witnesses (now anonymous as they have been lost to history).  The creature was said to have incredible massive wings easily large enough to give the massive bird purchase in the air and allow it to soar through the heavens and descend before frightened witnesses.  Though surviving testimony of the bird suggests the sightings were nowhere near as extensive as the original Mothman sightings in Point Pleasant, the Mothman’s iconic shape and eyes have been connected to the Chernobyl disaster and it was later dubbed “The Black Bird of Chernobyl.”

Few events in history can be considered anywhere near as troubling as the Chernobyl catastrophe.  Many have argued if the disaster in Chernobyl had not taken place the movement in opposition to nuclear energy would have never gained enough ground to make it a problem.  As a result, many suggest Chernobyl doomed clean cheap energy with the image of fallout clouds spreading for hundreds of miles and contaminating the air and water.

And as with the other Mothman sightings, there are those who attribute the disaster itself to the creature suggesting that the Mothman was responsible at least partially for what happened that day.  It should also be noted that there are no surviving accounts of what many have dubbed the Mothman’s nemesis, Indrid Cold reported at the event.  Indrid Cold, also known as the Grinning Man, was said to be the mysterious man who was seen in Point Pleasant asking questions about the creature and apparently hunting it.

The scattered reports of Mothman sightings shortly before the Chernobyl disaster begs the question why would a creature suddenly appear as a bad omen before major disasters strike.  And from where did this creature come?  There have been numerous theories proposed, but each in turn can offer nothing more than an interesting suggestion.  The Mothman and his presence at mankind’s engineering disasters are always left unexplainable.