The Mothman Returns

On November 15, 1966, two couples from Point Pleasant West Virginia
witnessed the appearance of an entity that would terrorize the town for
weeks.  The first documented sighting of the fabled Mothman brought
with it fear and apprehension.  Some even blame the destruction of the
Silver Bridge on the creature.  There have been several books, movies,
and articles written about it that would eventually cause it to become
a popular icon in the paranormal world.  And now the Mothman has
returned.  An individual, who wished to remain anonymous, recently
submitted his report to the Munroe Falls Paranormal Society along with
a familiar sketch of the creature that not so long ago haunted the
dreams of West Virginians.  Though it lacks the glowing red eyes, the
image clearly has the same shape and stature of the much feared Mothman.

The witness was driving down Hudson Drive Northbound on his way to work
when he spotted a ten foot tall creature staring at him with unseen
eyes.  The creature appeared to be staring directly at his car, causing
the witness to feel an immense terror.  There were no other cars
anywhere nearby, and the witness received the impression that the
creature was there “for him,” and no one else.  It was standing
approximately twenty feet from the car, allowing him a clear view of
its silhouette as he approached.  The witness’ eyes began to water
uncontrollably making it difficult to see, and he passed the creature. 
When he looked into the rear-view mirror he could no longer see it. 
Witness also describes that later as he arrived at his job it was a
“bad” night at work, though he doesn’t go into any detail.

As he left the scene, he attempted to make contact with someone on his
cell phone, but found that he could get no signal.  This was unusual
since he had never encountered any difficulties in this area before. 
He continued to have difficulty with his cell phone until he reached
the I-271 entrance ramp almost 10 miles later.  Days later, as he
passed over the bridge he reported the same sensation of his eyes
inexplicably watering without any known cause.  The creature was not
seen the second time, however.  The witness says that the night was
clear, no other witnesses were present, he did not see or hear any
animals as he passed, and aside from a bad case of watery eyes and
understandable fear, he was unable to discern any other physiological
effects the experience had on him.

Contrary to popular belief, sightings of the Mothman didn’t stop
entirely after the Silver Bridge Collapse, although they are more rare
than they were in the heyday of the Mothman Sighting Phenomena.  Still,
the Mothman Museum of Point Pleasant still has a running database of
all reported sightings which is updated and maintained regularly. 
Since the Mothman seems to portend doom and tragedy for the locations
it appears in, we will have to pay close attention to the area to see
if this cursed creature’s prophetic propensity strikes again.  There is
a sign scrawled with graffiti outside of Point Pleasant’s abandoned TNT
plant.  Across it in blood red letters are the words, “Mothman Shall