The Mount Saint Helens Bigfoot Battle

One of the strangest stories in the long history of Bigfoot lore shows just what happens when humans and the creature of legend come in conflict.  It all starts with several Bigfoot as they circled a cabin with three frightened miners as they attempted to oust the humans from their territory in Mount Saint Helens in 1924.  And though it’s commonly said to be one of the most extreme examples of Bigfoot interaction with humans, it was clearly terrifying to the witnesses of the event.

Roger Patterson, of the Patterson-Gimlin Footage fame first interviewed Fred Beck on the incident later.  Beck told the famed Bigfoot investigator ther the incident started simply with a series of mysterious sounds that came from the woods all through the day.  It started with something as simple as a whistle suddenly breaking out over the treetops and then gradually with time it grew into something far more terrifying.  Shortly after that they started seeing creatures out in the woods with roughly humanoid appearances but with prodigious heights that frightened the miners as the figures peered out at them.  After the first few sightings the group became uneasy and while they were not sure what they were dealing with they certainly knew it was no ordinary humans.

As they explored the area around their cabin they came across several of the creatures in the distance and watched them.  One of the miners even leveled a rifle at the treeline where they were hiding and let off a shot.  Though it hit the tree the creature was hiding behind, it failed to land a hit on the creature itself.  Rather than run away the creature just stood there staring out at them.

Later as they returned to their cabin for the night they heard sounds directly outside of the cabin.  Thinking the creatures might have returned, they locked the doors and soon heard a loud thudding sound.  From the window they fired out into the area around their cabin, but the large rocks kept coming – hitting the cabin with such a terrifying sound that they wondered if the building would come crashing down on them.  Shortly after that they started hearing the creatures on the roof and began peppering the roof with shots as well.  Rather than retreat, this only seemed to egg the creatures on. 

Then, just as suddenly as they appeared, the creatures withdrew leaving the shell shocked miners behind to ponder what could have happened.  They spotted several rocks which had been thrown at their cabin, and markings where the rocks had impacted their building.  But though they were sure they had actually scored a hit on at least one of the creatures, its body was nowhere to be found.  Whether they took it away or was unharmed by the bullet is unknown.  But they would remember the incident for years as one of the most bizarre and terrifying moments of their lives.